Milford Restaurants Using Delivery Apps


by Terry Rogers



Up until a few weeks ago, options for food delivery in the Milford area were limited. Although many restaurants, bakeries and sandwich shops offered take-out options, it still required a consumer to get in the car and go pick up their food items. That seems to have changed recently as a review of a  popular food deliver app, DoorDash, now lists several Milford area restaurants.

“We don’t have any idea how DoorDash added us to their service,” Angie Robles at My Sister’s Fault said. “I know that people are using them to get food from us. When we get a take-out order called in from a California number, we know it is DoorDash. Right now, we don’t have an actual agreement with them and aren’t sure if we will since we don’t want to have to increase prices to cover any commission we would need to pay them.”

According to the DoorDash website, they identify restaurants in an area that offer take-out. They then hire local people to pick up and deliver the take-out order. The drivers, known as Dashers, use a credit card provided by the company to pick up the food if the restaurant is not partnered with DoorDash. Partnered restaurants use a streamlined method of payment with DoorDash paying them for all orders in one lump sum.

Recently, Westside Restaurant posted on social media that they were soon offering delivery through GrubHub.

“We are trying to start using GrubHub,” Madula Kalesis, owner of the restaurant, said. “Not everything is set up and running yet but we hope it will be very soon and we will be able to offer delivery of our food.” A check of the GrubHub app confirmed that there are no restaurants available in this area for delivery. UberEats, another food delivery app option, also shows no available food delivery.

The DoorDash app, however, shows that food can be ordered using the app for delivery at China Taste, Happy Chinese Restaurant, La Ortolana, Bibi’s, My Sister’s Fault, River Lights Café and Dolce Bakery & Coffee Shop