Officers Go Beyond Call of Duty

Jul 16 2019 /

by Terry Rogers


When he took over as the chief of the Milford Police Department, one of Kenneth Brown’s goals was to promote a department that residents would view as part of the community. He felt that recognizing the things his department did, went far beyond arresting criminals and investigating crimes.

“It was important to me, in today’s world, to let people see that police were more than just something to fear or avoid,” Chief Brown has said. “That’s why I try to recognize any time my officers do something that is above the call of duty.”

A few weeks ago, Chief Brown tweeted about one of his officers, Corporal John Collins, who helped an older woman during a call.

“She called in to the station because water was running through her home,” Corporal Collins said. “There was probably about a half-inch of water in her kitchen by the time I got there. I couldn’t find a shut-off valve inside the house so I crawled under the house to shut it off at the pump. This was definitely a first for me as I don’t make a habit of crawling under houses during my daily work. I am glad the crawlspace was a bit larger than most, so I could get to the pump on my hands and knees.”

Patrolman John Badger was also recognized by Chief Brown for his assistance during a routine call.

“We were called to a scene where someone was in the roadway and yelling,” Patrolman Badger said. “I was with my sergeant and, when we got there, everything seemed under control, except they were in the middle of the road with a flat tire. There were four people and, for some reason, they were in two cars. They didn’t have a spare tire, so we took off the flat and two of the people in the other car took it to be repaired. We waited until they returned and then helped them put the tire back on so they could move on.”

A recent social media post by the owners of Not Too Shabby also highlighted the extra mile the Milford Police Department goes to assist citizens.

“Shout out to Milford Police Department!” the post read. “Thursday nights are auction nights for us. We unload at the shop at night. We were unloading, popped inside for a moment. When we exited our building, we found flashing lights of two of Milford’s finest! Thanks for keeping us safe as well as our belongings!”

Chief Brown stated that he was not at all surprised at the actions of his officers.

“As I have stated many times, we have the best officers who genuinely want to help people,” he said. “These sort of things occur on a daily basis but often go unnoticed.”

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