Schanne Insurance Welcomes Medicare Expert


by Terry Rogers



Taylor Viscount gained his knowledge about Medicare from his father who has been in the insurance business for over 40 years in West Virginia. After attending the University of West Virginia and getting within a dozen credits of earning a degree in aerospace engineering, Viscount realized the engineering field was not for him. His father asked him to consider the insurance business.

“I started out in Tennessee,” Viscount said. “I was licensed there and sold insurance in the Memphis-Nashville area. It was there that I got interested in Medicare Advantage plans and have just continued to focus on helping people with those plans. My dad has been vacationing in Bethany Beach since 1963 so I always thought Delaware would be a great place to live.”

In his new position at the Mark Schanne Insurance Company, Viscount mainly helps customers deal with Medicare. When someone reaches 65, they receive a significant amount of information about Medicare, according to Viscount, and it can be extremely confusing. Viscount explained that if you choose the wrong Medicare plan when you turn 65, you may not be able to correct it later.

“I enjoy meeting people,” Viscount said. “I am outspoken and outgoing so I love talking to people to help them understand what they may need when it comes to Medicare. I want to know every person who sits down with me because if I don’t know them, I can’t help them. Every person is different and has different insurance needs, so I want to have that personal interaction with them.”

The most challenging part of Viscount’s job is getting some customers to understand why they need to reach out to a Medicare specialist when it is time to sign up for the plan.  He wants them to have the right insurance, stating that State Farm does not sell a policy and disappear. The company continues working with the client long after the policy has been sold.

“Anyone who is considering this line of work needs to understand it takes a specific type of person,” Viscount said. “You can be the smartest guy on the block but if you can’t relate to people, you won’t be successful in this business. People have to trust you and if they don’t, they are not likely to purchase a policy from you.”

Donna Hall who works with Viscount in the agency said that dealing with Medicare plans is a new venture for Schanne Insurance.

“I will tell you that we have learned a lot from him since he has been here,” Hall said. “He does handle other types of insurance but he is definitely our go-to for anything to do with Medicare.”

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