Backyard BBQ Secrets from Mule Run Meats


As we continue to enjoy summer, the smell of backyard cookouts fill the skies. As your family prepares to gather around the grill, it can be challenging to find food that is fresh that contains no harmful chemicals. Living in an agriculture community in Delaware, families are fortunate to have a local alternative to the food found at big box stores.

Kenny and Sherry Blessing have been selling fresh beef to neighbors for the past ten years and Mr. Blessing said that the idea of selling retail had been nagging him for some time. It was this nagging feeling that pushed the Blessing’s to open Mule Run Meats on Bowman Road in Milford. Mr. Raising beef cattle is his true passion and finishing out a quality product is very rewarding to him. He is a third generation farmer and has farmed in the Milford area his entire life. The farm was formed in February 2015 as Mule Run Farms after the death of Mr. Blessing’s father. The farm raises beef cattle, goats, grains and vegetables.

The secret to becoming a grill master, according to Kenny is to know the source of where your food came from. “Grill masters like consistency in their products in order to achieve the desired effects that they are known for. Locally sourced meats have that consistency,” said Blesing. The relationship between the farmer and the consumer is personal, a level that can only come from local sources. You can’t get the assurances from large food chain stores that you can from a farm store.”

Mule Run Farms fresh, locally sourced meats include beef and goat, T.A. Farms Turkey, along with pork and chicken. They also have honey, frozen vegetables and some seafood. “I love grilling vegetables like sweet corn, string beans, squash, asparagus and peppers. They really take on a whole new flavor,” said Blessing. “Novelity meat items like fajita strips, chuck filets or chicken steaks, flat iron slices are great to grill as well. No matter what the item is, there’s something about outdoor cooking, especially grilling, that refreshes the soul.”

As for secrets to grilling during the summer, Kenny says that being adventurous on the grill can be fun and exciting. “Grilling, in my opinion, is an artform, that only get’s better from trial and error,” he said. “Don’t be afraid to try different things. Try placing tinfoil on the grill to saute’ vegetables, or make a tinfoil boat to enhance hot dogs or brats with sauce.”

As for sauces, Kenny shares one of his secrets. “…don’t add the sauce until the final stages of cooking. The meat will take in the flavors.”

Whether the family is at the beach, in the backyard or on vacation, remember that grilling is about enjoying family and friends.

“Remember have fun, you’re out there with family and friends. What can be better than that,” said Blessing.

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