Dear Nostalgia…


Leah Rizzo, Guest Writer Leah Rizzo, middays on Eagle 97.7

It’s 2019 and the world is moving fast. This summer was just a speeding train with three quaint little stops, but I forgot to get off back in June and take my time walking to August. But it isn’t just the dog days that run an Olympic sprint to pass you by anymore. These days, it seems entire years can sneak past you before the ball even hits the ground in Time Square. Is it just because, much like death, adulthood eventually finds you? Or could it be because anything we could ever possibly want is now literally right at our fingertips in a little rectangle with a doctor abhorred fruit on the back?

Going somewhere? Simply summon an Uber and a car will be with you in minutes. Looking for love? Swipe until you find someone who likes animals, has a job, and you didn’t go to school with. Want to share those incredible vacation photos with your family? No need to print them out and plan a get together, just put them on Facebook. You’ll see them at Christmas, anyway. I would be lying if I didn’t think that the instantaneous world we now live in hasn’t affected our patience as well as how we perceive time because we are in constant contact with instant gratification. You don’t have to wait for anything anymore. We have one day shipping, text messaging, email, access to infinite knowledge all of which can be accessed in seconds. I’ve noticed it is becoming very hard for me to tell if time feels like it’s blurring around me because we don’t need to wait in order for good things to come to us anymore? Or do I feel like the last three years all happened yesterday because my alarm goes off every morning reminding me that I’m an adult now.

I remember when summers used to feel like they lasted years. When I mostly hung out with the neighborhood kids, went for backyard adventures, spent long hot days at the pool, and if my little sister and I couldn’t get somewhere on our bikes then that somewhere was too far. But somewhere between learning to ride a bike without its training wheels and paying my first month’s rent life sped up. Really fast. Going from years of obligation free summers, to only having weekends halfway free (because Sundays are for grocery shopping and laundry) is a shock to the system, but one that I seemingly didn’t even notice happen.

I really hope that time feels like it’s faster because many of us our so instantly connected because I like the idea of being able to slow things down simply by turning off my phone. Adulthood, on the other hand, is permanent. There are days, however rare and often in the summer time, that you may spend entirely outside. When being the sun browns your skin and exhausts you in only the best way possible, and you might be able to squeeze two days in one if you take a nap. Or rather than taking a picture just to show everyone on Instagram that you saw the sunset when golden hour slowly lowers itself through the sky, actually sit outside and watch the red sun sink into the horizon as it switches shifts with the slowly rising moon. Every now and then I can feel time take a break, often in the form of a gentle summer breeze that whispers nostalgia as it barely brushes my hair behind my neck.

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