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City of Milford Seeks Resident’s Opinion

City of Milford Seeks Resident’s Opinion
City Hall Milford, DE . 2020 Elections.

The City of Milford is asking residents to participate in The National Community Survey™. The survey is designed to provide a baseline of how the city government is serving residents, to gauge perceptions of the City, and to make comparisons with peer cities.  It includes questions about quality of life in the community, local policies, demographics, ratings of local government services, and resident use of services.  

This survey is being administered in two ways, random sample and online, so the City of Milford can reach a broad range of residents. All residents of Milford are eligible to participate and random addresses were used to mail a copy of the survey.  If residents did not receive a mailed version, they may still participate by completing the survey online.

“This will hopefully give voice to the widest variety of residents,” said City Manager Eric Norenberg. “Two years ago, the survey results were used to guide our Strategic Plan development. The results from this survey will be compared with the previous results so we can see where we are improving and where we need to increase focus and attention. We value the feedback from our residents.”

Two years ago, code enforcement was rated positively by only a 39% of the respondents.  As a result, the City Council approved an additional Code Enforcement Officer and we increased inspections of rental properties. 

The City expects to receive the results in late-August and we will report the findings to the City Council, in a public meeting, in September.  “At that time, we will share the areas for improvement and make recommendations to address those areas,” said Norenberg. ” Some changes may be able to be made soon, others may have to wait for the next budget cycle, but planning will begin.”

The survey is administered by National Research Center, Inc. of Boulder Colorado. Since the survey is a standard format that is used nationally, questions are asked about the library, fire department and school district, although the City does not oversee those agencies. City officials plan to share the results with this agency so that they may decide what to do with the information. Residents with questions about the survey may contact the City Manager by phone at 302-422-1111 ext 1304 or by email at ENorenberg@milford-de.gov.  





In addition, you can visit our website to see the results from the last survey:  

2017 Survey Key Findings

2017 Summary Report

2017 Full Report

2019 Resident Survey

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