Kendzierski to Enter Hall of Fame


By Kevin Eickman

There are some people that like football, some that love it and then there are the rare few that live it. In the case of Brandon Kendzierski it is a matter of living it. As part of the 12th Man Gridiron Club 2019 class, Kendzierski has achieved recognition for his time on the football field as a Buccaneer. Kendzierski who graduated Milford in 2006 was a star on both sides of the offensive and defensive line.

Second team All-Conference and third team All-State, Kendzierski was a force to be dealt with every time he was on the field. Speaking with former Milford defensive line coach Jack Simon, it was obvious that Simon had great admiration for his former student.

“He was the type of player that would take the instruction you gave him and apply it on the field. You have to remember he was playing the entire game and he seemed to get stronger as the game continued,” Simon stated. “He would open massive holes on offense, then turn around and wreak havoc on defense. As a senior he was second on the team in tackles, that’s almost unheard of for a lineman.”

For Kendzierski football has been a lifelong passion. Following his career at Milford, he joined and is still a member of the Delaware Fire football team of the North East Atlantic Football League. Delaware Fire plays against local teams throughout the region. Coming up on his 13th season as a player and coach, we asked what drove him.



“I have loved this game since I was a kid and I still love it. There is nothing like competing on the field, I love it,” he said. Kendzierski has been a 10 time All-Star in the league and continues to enjoy his time on the squad. “The best thing is that over the years I have gotten to play with about 50 players who have graduated from Milford.” Kendzierski said. “It’s pretty awesome to have gotten to meet so many players who came after me.”

When asked about being named to the Hall of Fame, Kendzierski explained that it was quite a thrilling moment for him. “It really wasn’t something I was thinking about, when I got the call I was really surprised. The more I have thought about it however the more honored and excited I have become about it,” Kendzierski commented. “To be remembered for something you did so long ago is pretty awesome. When you are just one small part of something bigger, it is a wonderful feeling to be remembered for your contributions.”

There are a few things that stand out in Kendzierski’s mind about his time on the team. “I just loved Friday night home games. Coming out under the lights with the stands full, it was very exciting, it is etched in my mind.”

More importantly, Kendzierski remembers his teammates and coaches. “We were like a family, the players and the coaches. The coaches really helped me grow as a football player and a person. Jack Simon, Mike Tkach and David Carter taught me a great deal,” he said

The person he owes the most to however is his father, who not only instilled the love of the game in him but was always there to help him out. “I had two brothers and it seemed like he was always driving us somewhere. Practice, meetings, events, whatever it took to make sure we had what we needed,” he said.

Selected as a Blue-Gold participant Kendzierski really enjoyed the experience “I got to meet and make friends with people that I had been playing against for years. We had a really great time and it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.”

Also a wrestler at Milford, Kendzierski was part of the 2004 State Championship team and topped off his wrestling career with the 2006 State Championship in the heavyweight division. Kendzierski still resides in Milford and works for the State of Delaware as an accounting specialist

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