The Great American Family Road Trip


Guest Writer Dana McDonald Cool 101.3 Mornings

What comes to mind when I say “Family Road Trip”? Moms and dad’s, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters happily singing songs and playing punch buggy riding down the road, or a scene from National Lampoons “Vacation”?

As I write this I’m sitting on the deck of our rented condo on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We arrived three days ago, but memories of our 11 hour drive down from Delaware still haunt me at night! (kidding…maybe). We left Thursday afternoon, and were literally 1 mile from our house when the fighting began. 3 boys, ages 16,13 and 10 on an 11 hour road trip… what could go wrong?

Let me back up for a second…our vacation started about two hours late because we were waiting on a package that one of my sons HAD TO HAVE for vacation. Like a hawk searching for it’s prey, our eyes spotted the Amazon Prime truck making its way through the neighborhood, and after about 10 minutes, which felt like an hour, the “eagle had landed “ and we had the package in our possession.

Finally, off we went! And that’s when the fighting began…”he’s touching me “, “he threw a cheese curl at me”, “are we there yet?”, “I have to pee!” In the blink of an eye, I became my father… “If you all don’t be quiet, I’ll turn this car around and we will go home!” Also in that moment, I gained a whole new respect for my dad, who was brave enough one year to drive my mom and not 3, but 4 children on a road trip to Myrtle Beach… back then, there were no DVD players or electronics, not even seatbelts! My dad must have been on the edge of losing his mind as the four of us wrestled around in the back of my parents Grand Torino station wagon.

I remember that road trip like it was yesterday, even though it was over 40 years ago. The best and funniest part of that trip (as a kid, definitely not as a parent!) was when my two brothers and I tried to go to the bathroom in a Coke bottle. True story! I think half of it made it in the bottle, and the other half went all over the back of the station wagon, including my sister! Dad was not happy. But we made it to Myrtle Beach in one piece, and had a great family vacation.

I hope I have stirred up some great memories of family road trips for you, and as I pack up the car to head back to Delaware, I realized I have 11 more hours of “memories” to look forward to! Wish me luck! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and check me out weekday mornings between 5:30 and 10 on Cool 101.3.

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