MSD Provides Back-to-School Tips


by Terry Rogers

The first day of school is just one week away and Milford School District (MSD) is excited to welcome every student back after the summer break. 

Tuesday, August 27th MSD will be hosting the Milford High School Open House beginning at 6 PM in the Milford Senior High School Auditorium. On Wednesday, August 28th, Milford Central Academy will  be hosting their 6th grade Open House beginning at 5 PM, followed by 7th and 8th grade Open House at 6:30 PM.

Thursday, August 29th  is Milford School District Transition Day. This is a day designed to help support students and families who are transitioning among various schools. Morris Early Childhood Center will be hosting their annual Kindergarten Orientation with rotations available throughout the day. Rotation 1 will be from 8:30 to 10 AM, Rotation 2 from 10:30 to 12 Noon and Rotation 3 from 1:30 to 3 PM. Children and families will be notified of their scheduled rotation time through their placement letters or they can call Morris at 302-422-1650.

In addition to Morris Early Childhood Center, Mispillion, Ross and Banneker Elementary Schools will host their Meet the Teacher Transition events on August 29. First grade transitions will be from 8 to 9:30 AM, 2nd and 3rd grades will be from 1 to 2 PM while 4th and 5th grades will be from 2 to 3 PM. Milford High School will hold 9th grade orientation on August 29th from 7:30 AM to 1:15 PM and at Milford Central Academy’s 6th grade orientation will be from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Bus transportation will be provided for both orientation events.

Dr. Bridget Amory, Director of Student Learning, offered advice to parents to help their children get ready to return to school.

“Parents can assist their student’s readiness for the school year by helping them get into bedtime routines consistent with the school year,” Dr. Amory said. “We encourage families to begin making their children’s bedtimes earlier and, for children who have become used to sleeping in over the summer, begin slowly waking them up a half-hour each morning until reaching the time they will need to get up on a school day. Getting into the routine of eating breakfast and lunch each day is also important. This school year we will once again offer free breakfast and lunch for our students each school day. We also strongly encourage having students read every day as preparation for the school year and a great way to make sure they continue to practice their skills. Playing board games or having children help with tasks around the house can provide fun opportunities to practice math facts and remain mentally sharp as well.”

Dr. Amory explained that school is all about the learning process and that Milford School District encourages families to help support their children by encouraging a growth mindset and willingness to try something new this coming year. Encouraging active involvement with various sports, clubs and groups supports new experiences and new social opportunities. Through this parents can help students understand that productive struggle is how one learns best and that it is okay to ask questions. Parents of students who will enter Milford High School or Milford Central Academy should discuss strategies with their children in regards to organizing and managing their time in preparation for the school year in order to meet their academic goals while also participating in activities.

“There are no changes to the dress code from last year at this time, although we will review again during the school year to ensure the policy is appropriate and fair for our students and families,” Dr. Amory said. “We encourage our families to review our dress code policy which can be accessed by visiting our website and reviewing the student handbook which will be sent home the first day of school. Families are encouraged to contact our schools with any questions or needs that they have related to our policy.”

Each school has basic supply lists available on their website for the first day of school but Dr. Amory advised parents to wait until more detailed supply information is communicated at the open house and meet the teacher events before doing any extensive supply purchasing. Milford is committed to providing as many instructional materials as possible to minimize the financial impact on families, Dr. Amory explained.

When it comes to the bus ride on the first few days of school, Dr. Amory offered additional tips to make the process run smoothly.

“Be early,” Dr. Amory said. “Arriving at the stop a few minutes early is helpful whenever the schedule fluctuates due to traffic or other needs. All children and families should stand at least five to ten feet from the curb, sidewalk or road when the bus approaches. Listen to the directions provided by your driver, such as when it is safe to board the bus, when it is safe to exit the bus and when it is safe to move about the bus. Always work to stay within the driver’s sight. If you happen to drop something near the bus, never stop to pick it up without communicating to the driver. Furthermore, for families who have had an address change during the summer and have not communicated this with their school or the transportation office, they should contact their school so the appropriate arrangements can be made.”

Parents of children starting school for the first time, those entering Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten, need to communicate with the school as much as possible, Dr. Amory advised. As students transition to formal schooling, communication is critical to make the transition go smoothly.

“Our staff is eager to get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure they are working to best meet their needs,” Dr. Amory said. “Know that all of our staff members are highly trained in their area of expertise and are committed to working together. Give your child a hug, confidence to enter their new learning environment and the support of allowing them to share their learning experiences in their unique way.”

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