Salon Supports Young Woman’s Cancer Fight


by Terry Rogers 

Raven Hudson of Village Salon and Spa says that one of her stylists has accomplished more than most people her age will ever accomplished. In the past year, Jenna Warrington has gotten married, bought a new home, adopted a dog and made strides in her career. What she did not plan for was a diagnosis of cancer.

“In July, Jenna, who is only 27, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer,” Hudson said. “She discovered a small lump on her breast in June and immediately took action. After multiple tests and doctor visits, she sprang into true Jenna fashion when she found out her diagnosis, planning and researching her next move.”

After being diagnosed, Warrington met with a team of doctors in order to set a treatment plan in place. On Monday, August 12, she received her first round of chemotherapy. It is not known how long Warrington will be out of work as she fights the disease.

“With medical costs and not being able to work, we wanted to help ease the stress of the financial burdens she may face so that she can concentrate on recovering from the disease. She is very grateful for the support system she has, including her husband Beau, her family and her friends. She definitely appreciates the prayers and the outpouring of love she has received.”

One of the things Warrington intends to do is use her diagnosis as a platform to inform women that no one is too young to be diagnosed with cancer. Breast cancer diagnoses are becoming more common among younger women. Warrington wants to spread the word that regular self-breast examinations are the key to early detection.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, triple negative breast cancer means that the most common types of receptors known to fuel the cancer, which include estrogen, progesterone and the HER-2/neu gene, are not present. Since the tumor cells lack these receptors, common treatments like hormone therapy and drugs that target the receptors are ineffective. Chemotherapy, which Warrington has begun, is an effective option and the cancer may respond better to chemotherapy in the early stages than other types of cancer. Triple negative breast cancer occurs in between 10 and 20 percent breast cancer diagnoses and usually affects younger women.

Hudson has set up a GoFundMe page to help Warrington through the financial difficulties of her disease. The site has already raised $3,600 of the $25,000 they hope to raise. In addition to the GoFundMe site, Hudson says the salon is working on a Girl’s Night Out Fashion Show that will take place in early November. They also hope to hold small fundraisers at the salon over the next few months. To donate to the GoFundMe site, families can visit

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