The Colors of Sage – Rachael Sage


By Tia Cristy

Sage isn’t just a one-dimensional tint of green when it comes to singer/song writer Rachael Sage. This colorful personality and singer can delight you to your core with her Alternative sound, just like gazing at any shade of your personal favorite color could.

As a resident of New York, Rachael was a born entertainer, studying ballet while teaching herself how to play the piano by listening to her parents Beatles and Broadway albums. As a young adult, she attended Stanford University where she became one of the school’s radio Disc Jockeys. She was known as Full-moon Rachael, host of the ‘Witching Hour’.

“It was fun and creative,” Sage says.

But little did this dancing/voiceover/musician know, that in 1999, she would be invited to be part of the iconic Lilith Fair.

“Sarah, [McLachlan], is so inspirational and inspiring… It was fantastic,” Sage recalls.

As a singer and writer Rachael Sage had received the great opportunity to work with many incredible artists like Sarah McLachlan, Great Big World, and The Animals. Soon, she was taken under the very supportive-wing of Judy Collins, who has worked with an amazing array of artists from The Muppets to Cher.

“We, Sage and Collins, had a natural connection. It was organic and easy to create together,” Sage says. Rachael Sage and Judy Collins, together, covered Neil Young’s, “Helpless”.

Along with all the hard work Rachael was already putting into her career throughout the 90s and 2000s, she had somehow found time to create her own record label. Mpress Records was generated to help support female artists. The birth of MPress would later become known as that pioneering moment for strong female voices in the music industry.“Women need to empower other women,” Sage says.

Rachael upholds a busy touring schedule within the US, Europe, and Asia. But maintains, what comes off as, true anticipation for performing each time.

“I love singing and dancing, and giving my funny little anecdotes in between. It’s very balanced and therapeutic for everyone involved,” says Sage.

Rachael confessed; she feels kindred to the Ladybug Festival. As a child, the ladybug was her, well… spirit animal, for lack of a better word. She has entertained the Wilmington venue in the past with her wit and banter in between her powerful songs. But she can’t wait to share her messages of inspiration during her first time performing at the Milford Ladybug Music Festival.

During this time, in our society, women coming together is needed and necessary. And I couldn’t be more excited to be there!” Sage says.

Rachael’s latest album is due to hit in March 2020. The first single will be released in October of this year. Rachael wouldn’t tell me the name but said with anticipation that it would be unveiled and debuted in Milford for all of us to hear.

Rachael Sage will be performing with her trio, “The Sequins” at the Milford Ladybug Festival September 21st, headlining the Library Amphitheater stage at 7:00 pm.

“Music is a healing tool, more than ever. My job is to uplift, empower and entertain. If I can do those three things… I’m doing it right,” Sage says.

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