This Love Story Went Country- Willow Hill


By Tia Cristy

Could you imagine a magical realm that actually existed where artists like Sugarland and Amy Winehouse were playing a melting pot of music in a field surrounded by willow trees? Oh… and please, don’t forget to invite a strong voice like, Lady Gaga…
Yep, that’s about the closest example I can give when describing this Modern Country, husband and wife duo known as, Willow Hill.
You may remember that these singer/songwriters, Alexandra and C.T. Fields, were also the creators of the Pittsburg rock band, Lovebettie. They met in college… And hindsight tells them, it was love at first sight.

“It was like electric when we met,” C.T. says.

“We still slow dance in the kitchen,” Alexandrea tells me.

After only an hour of speaking to them, there was no doubt these two lovebirds were absolutely qualified to write perfect, three-minute stories about the ups and downs of love.
It’s also easy to understand how from the start of their collaboration, the pair formed a specific sound that had been able to capture the ear of many folks. For example, the couple (and Lovebettie) was labeled a pioneer of ‘Swagger Rock’ while given a very large nod as a ‘Band to Watch’ from Rolling Stone Magazine. Throughout that time, Alexandra and C.T. (and Lovebettie) had shared the stage with many popular bands and artists like Lifehouse, Bowling for Soup, and Donnie Iris. During one of their other Lovebettie adventures, they had played the private closing party for Lady Gaga’s Monster’s Ball Tour. But even through the fast pace of any dream coming true, sometimes a couple needs to create alone, without their comrades. And that is how we got the duo act of Willow Hill.
As Alexandrea and C.T. assembled their musical ambition and personal priorities, they decided it was less about the big stage for these introverts and all about the intimacy they could provide to their fans. Willow Hill became the Mr. and Mrs. Fields baby. They matured and nurtured their writing style to a level that could give birth to an everyday story and personally touch a human soul.

“See, I get nervous when I’m about to perform…” Alexandrea begins.

“No one can ever tell,” C.T. interjects.

“But this is why I like what we’re doing now,” she says, “I’ve learned to enjoy it more, and not be so focused on perfection. It’s about being honest. And I think the crowd enjoys it more.”

“I agree,” C.T. says.

Going along with creating Willow Hill, Alexandrea and C.T. have returned to focusing precious time on their true passion of being song writers. And although, Willow Hill has focused their music sights on a more intimate scale, the fans aren’t disappointed, to say the least, with the bold move from Rock to Country. Alexandrea and C.T. have doubled their fanbase over the last couple years. Singles and album sales for Willow Hill have outsold their Lovebettie days in a fraction of the time.
Today, Willow Hill has a heavy tour schedule that includes festivals and Private VIP shows where they get to partake in is playing for other Country artists (Sam Hunt, Jason Aldean, etc.), the artist’s crew and the artist’s top fans. As for this upcoming October, Willow Hill is about to embark on a 2019 European tour. Willow Hill is also about to release their newest album, ‘Family Tree, Vol. 1’.

“We will be playing a few of our new songs at Ladybug,” C.T. says.

Working with Gable Music Ventures and being part of Ladybug Festival has become one of Alexandrea and C.T.’s favorite pastimes since headlining the festival back in 2013.

“Women can be so cruel to each other,” Alexandrea says, “…We need to seek each other out and build a great community supporting one another.”

Willow Hill is honored to be headlining Milford’s Ladybug Music Festival September 21st on the Main Stage located at the intersection of N. Walnut St and Park Ave. at 8:00 pm. For more information on Willow Hill check out To support and download Willow Hill’s albums and latest music visit

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