Ross Welcomes New Assistant Principal


by Terry Rogers 

Dr. Amanda Shaner Gaglione, who took the position as Assistant Principal at Lulu M. Ross Elementary School, has always had a love for working with both teachers and children. She believes that teachers inspire many kids each year and are the foundation for all other professions.

“For years, I have been an Adjunct Professor for Wilmington University in the Graduate Education department,” Gaglione said. “Sharing my passion with them and aiding in the process of cultivating young minds is very rewarding. Though I have had my certification since 2011, I wanted to wait until our boys were all through school before moving into administration. Now that they are in college or have careers of their own, I can devote the time I felt was necessary to ensure staff and students are supported.”

Gaglione was born and raised in Smyrna but has lived in Milford since 2000. She has been married to her husband Mark  for 25 years and they have three boys, Jeremy, Shane and Jonathan, who all graduated from Milford High School. She earned her Bachelors in Behavioral Science, Masters in Elementary Education and Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Innovation from Wilmington University.

Her background is in gifted and talented education, teaching in Lake Forest School District before coming to Milford in 2011 when Mispillion Elementary School opened. While at Mispillion, Gagilone taught Multiple Intelligences, which consisted of Art and Music. In 2016, she transitioned to teacher of Gifted & Talented, helping to form the new Talent Enrichment & Acceleration (T.E.A.M.) in Milford.

“One of the biggest challenges as an Assistant Principal would be the number of students who are coming to school having experienced trauma,” Gaglione said. “The “Take Care Delaware” initiative will be highly beneficial in helping us identify students that need extra support, or simply for someone to just recognize they are dealing with something outside of their control. We are fortunate to have a wonderful team of teachers, counselors, Student and Family Interventionists, School Resource Officers, paraprofessionals and nurses who are all working to make sure each child has a safe, nurturing learning environment. Every staff member is here to support our students, including our cafeteria staff and custodians.”

When she is not performing her administrative duties, Gaglione loves to visit the beach, watch sports and find great locally-owned restaurants to enjoy. She is very active in the lacrosse community, helping with Milford Youth Lacrosse and eventually serving as President of the MHS Lacrosse Boosters for five years. She, along with her husband and Blake Faulkner, started a non-profit lacrosse travel team called 1787 Lacrosse. She is a commissioner for the Milford Museum and has presented at three national conferences as well as numerous state and local conferences regarding different areas of Instructional Strategies. She has also had the pleasure of teaching two of her three sons.

“Lulu Ross is truly a family,” Gaglione said. “I am looking forward to getting to know everyone even better and attending my first Ross Carnival. I want every person that I see in our school to feel welcome and valued. A personal goal toward that is to learn every child’s name at Ross Elementary. Professionally, I would like to simply support our teachers and staff in doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. There are already so many great things happening at Ross. I just want to add what I can and support whomever I can so that we can maximize their strengths. This way, our kids and adults feel inspired to create and learn.”

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