Buford Plans to Focus on Student Achievement


by Terry Rogers



When school began in September, students were met with a completely new administrative team. One of the new administrators, however, was familiar to students who attended Milford Central Academy and Milford High School previously. Seth Buford taught English for 15 years before moving into district curriculum where he worked on K-12 ELA programs and was appointed to the Assistant Principal position vacated when Dr. Kate Marvel moved into another position with the high school.

“I saw some of the positive changes that Milford School District was making, especially at the high school,” Buford said. “I wanted to be a part of that growth and change and still have an impact on the lives of our students.”

When Buford was 14, his family moved to the Long Neck area of southern Delaware. He attended Sussex Central High School and then earned a degree in English education from the University of Delaware. It was there he met his wife of 19 years, Samantha, who is also a teacher with Milford School District. Buford also earned a Masters in School Leadership from Wilmington University. When he is not performing his administrative duties at the high school, Buford enjoys hunting, fishing, surfing, the general outdoors and reading.

“I am most looking forward to being back at the high school and working with the students,” Buford said. “I learned a tremendous amount about K-12 curriculum design and early literacy, but I am so happy being back at the high school. I set a goal to meet with as many students as I can on a regular basis. I am focusing on student achievement. I really want our students to know that they are valued and I value their success. This year, I want to grow as a leader and make sure that our staff has everything they need to help our students achieve that success.”

The biggest challenge Buford believes he will face is getting to know the day-to-day operations of a building. As a teacher, he felt he had an understanding of the operations side of a school, but when he actually sat down to learn the process, he realized that was an area he needed to focus on, grow and learn.