MSD Celebrates Custodian Appreciation Day


by Terry Rogers

 On Thursday, October 3, Milford School District celebrated the custodians, recognizing those who work behind the scenes to keep the buildings running like clockwork each day. Teachers, secretaries and food service staff would find it difficult to perform their regular duties without the hard work of the custodians.

“I deal with a lot of inspectors who come to be sure our buildings are operating safely and that all the equipment is running as it should,” Dr. Glen Stevenson, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, said. “Every time they come to one of our buildings, they are super complimentary about our locations over other districts. Many of them comment about how our buildings are so much better taken care of. We recently had an inspector come in who, without naming other districts, told me that he could tell me some stories about things he has seen at other schools that he never sees in Milford. Those comments are a direct testament to how hard our guys work to be sure our kids have the best environment possible for learning.”

Although custodians are responsible for regular cleaning of the building, they also have additional duties that may be surprising. The maintenance staff at the district is also responsible for maintaining heating and cooling units, plumbing, electrical components and more. During the summer months, custodial staff are responsible for painting and repairing items in the buildings so the children return to clean, bright buildings with working equipment. Custodians are also responsible for cutting grass, trimming bushes, sweeping sidewalks,  preparing athletic fields for games and more. During winter weather, they are responsible for removing ice and snow from sidewalks as well as parking lots to keep children and staff safe.

“On a daily basis, custodians clean and prepare the building for the next day,” Dr. Stevenson said. “It can get repetitive so it is often a challenge to keep the job interesting day-to-day. The guys really enjoy the kids and feel as if they are part of the overall education experience so that is pretty rewarding to them.”

Dr. Stevenson explained that each school will have its own celebration to acknowledge the hard-working custodians, providing them with food and other recognitions throughout the day.

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