MSD Students Inducted into Safety Patrol


by Terry Rogers

 On Wednesday, October 9, Milford School District inducted 70 students into the Safety Patrol. The students will spend the rest of the school year promoting safety at Banneker, Ross and Mispillion Elementary.

“The program is open to fifth graders at the three elementary schools,” Senior Corporal Theresa Bloodsworth, School Resource Officer, said. “They serve for one year and are chosen based on several criteria that include good academic standing, character, behavior and teacher recommendations. The students submit an application where they must explain, in their own words, why they would make a good selection for the team.”

Bloodsworth explained that patrols operate in different ways, with some posted in hallways, on sidewalks, on the bus platform and even in the school cafeteria. All Safety Patrol members wear bright yellow sashes and badges to stand out as well as act as a reminder to students to pay better attention to safety.

Banneker Elementary Safety Patrol

“They can help other students in a variety of ways,” Bloodsworth said. “It may be as simple as pointing out an untied shoe or telling other students not to run in an area where they should not and even reporting an unsafe situation. The students don’t handle things like fighting or serious reckless behavior, nor are they placed in parking lots or while boarded on a school bus. If they witness unsafe actions that they are not to handle, they know to go to the nearest adult and report what they saw.”

After the Safety Patrol for each school was introduced, Judge John Adams had them recite the Safety Patrol pledge and each received a pin in recognition of their service.

Mispillion Elementary Safety Patrol

“I decided to join the Safety Patrol because I want to help kids be safe,” Brianna Etienne, who attends Banneker, said. “I want this to be a great year at Banneker and for all the students to be safe.”

Lifanson Cherry, who also attends Banneker, said that his mother told him about Safety Patrol and encouraged him to sign up.

“I think Safety Patrol is a great way to help people do their best,” Cherry said. “I want to help other students make good choices and not do things in school that aren’t safe for them.” Jamesley Delva agreed with Cherry and Etienne, stating that he joined the Safety Patrol because he likes to help people.

Dr. Jason Peel, Director of Human Resources and School Climate, closed the ceremony, telling those in attendance that he, too, served on the Safety Patrol when he was in school.

Ross Elementary Safety Patrol

“This is a great ceremony that we look forward to each year,” Dr. Peel said. “I can’t help but think of my own experience as a Safety Patrol member in fifth grade. It was my first leadership experience and what I learned helped me prepare for Middle and High School. Next year, all of you will be going to Middle School and you will be expected to be more mature, but you already possess the right leadership traits to succeed. You are well on your way to take on new opportunities and help be a part of your own success.”


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