Bennett in Need of Kidney Donor


Over the weekend of November 9, 2019, Eric Bennett was taken by ambulance to Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. He was told that he was in kidney failure and would need urgent care at a higher level. Eric was also told that his heart is not functioning properly because of undiagnosed high blood pressure.

Bennett and his girlfriend Tovah have a 4 month old daughter Layla Reese. He was working full time up until his diagnosis, although he was very sick. He has been told by the nephrologists at Jefferson that the kidney donor list is 2-5 years and that he will have to be on dialysis during that time. Eric won’t be able to work during this time and this will be a huge life change for Eric and his family. Eric is only 19 years old and the doctors are trying to figure out what has caused his kidneys to fail.

“My doctirs told me that my kidneys have not been properly functioning for a year and that they have had so much damage that I will need need a transplant,” said Bennett. “I was a little scared but the doctor told me that if I do what I need to I can get better, so I have been trying to feel positive and in good spirit.”

Eric is a former football player and wrestler at Milford High School and attended school in Milford his whole life. He planned to go into the Air Force or the Army, but since that will not be an option anymore, he wants to be a dialysis nurse. “This experience has led mw to do a lot of research to educate myself of what the process of dialysis will look like,” said Bennett. “As a nurse I can help others by telling my experience, show them that they are not alone.”

The nephrologists are telling Eric that they do not believe his kidneys will go back to normal function and he will need to be on dialysis until they can find a donor kidney when he is ready for transplant.

“We are Christians and we do believe in healing so we are praying for complete healing and prayers mean more to Eric and Tovah than anything,” said Anna Cohee, mother of Tovah.

Bennett is currently in dialysis three days a week, 4 hours a day. His doctors have told him that he cannot work and he cannot pick up his daughter once she reaches a certain weight. While Bennett has insurance, it more than likely will not cover all of his bills. His family is praying that Eric will be healed and that he will not need the transplant and that “God will do a miracle for Eric.” The family has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help at

“I have been staying positive by talking to a lot of people that have been through [dialysis] before and educating myself about the process. Talking with Dr. Saez a lot a he has given my hope for the future.”

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