Robles Sisters Named “Rising Stars”


by Terry Rogers 


Angie and Rous Robles are well known in Milford for their cakes, baked goods, empanadas and other delicious food. The two sisters work many hours in their bakery, My Sister’s Fault, creating treats, even developing unique baked goods designed for those following low-carb diets. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever visited their store that the sisters were recently recognized by the Delaware Restaurant Association as “Rising Stars,” yet it came as a shock to Angie and Rous.

“We were shocked to be among so many excellent restaurant entrepreneurs,” Angie said. “I am still in shock. They actually called us small town pioneers and fearless entrepreneurs. It is such a great honor and we are thrilled to have gotten such a special recognition.”

The Delaware Restaurant Association recognized the two sisters at a ceremony on Monday, November 11 along with Robbie Jester of High 5 Hospitality & Full Circle Food, Matthew Kern of Heirloom, Holly Monaco of Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth as well as Scott Stein and Antimo DiMeo of Bardea Food & Drink.

“This was such a great honor and I don’t really know how it may impact our business,” Angie said. “I hope that more people will come and find us. We are so appreciative of the many people who support us. It means we must be doing something right and I can say that hard work and dedication definitely pays off!” Angie joked that she hoped if more customers came to their bakery on Southwest Front Street they did so after the rush hour, which for the sisters is after 3 PM.

My Sister’s Fault opened in December 2017, the culmination of a dream the two sisters had of providing the people of Milford with the delicious baked goods they grew up on in Puerto Rico. The name of the store was chosen because it best describes the relationship between the two sisters.

“My Sister’s Fault comes from us blaming ourselves not only for the mistakes but also for the successes,” Rous said. “We want the best for each other and we always rely on each other to make decisions, whether the results are good or bad, so it is always my sister’s fault.”

The sisters learned their cooking skills at the hand of their mother in Puerto Rico and both studied culinary arts at the University del Este. Rous is the baker and has called herself the “creative one, the dreamer, the one that always has the vision” while Angie is the cook, often calling herself the “savory sister.” She is the one that Rous gives the credit to for making their dream come true. Rous explained that Angie is the lead and does not allow her sister to settle for less than greatness and pushes the sisters to their limits.

My Sister’s Fault, located at 10 Southwest Front Street, is open Friday and Saturday from 8:30 AM until 7 PM.