Vernon Celebrates 34 Years at P&G


Vernon has a more than 34-year career as a valued member of KSI’s work crew at Procter & Gamble Dover Wipes plant. He’s learned nearly every position on the multi-pack line, preserved a spectacular safety record and has barely missed any time from scheduled work. For his KSI Supervisor Randy Wroten, Vernon is a star head and shoulders above anyone else.

“Vernon is self-motivated and determined to do his part to help KSI’s production processes go smooth,” said Mr. Wroten. “He’s always happy to show inexperienced coworkers some pointers on how to be more efficient and consistent. In fact, I can remember him showing me pointers when I was hired as a second shift Supervisor in 2009.”

The mission of KSI is to provide person-centered supports to assist people with disabilities in the pursuit of their potential in employment and meaningful participation in their communities. Approximately 300 individuals receive services per year.  Services provided include transportation, vocational evaluation, Skill Development Center based pre-vocational services, community based work crews, supported employment, and competitive placement.

Vernon works four days a week on the day shift, which gives him plenty of time off to take care of any personal appointments. His favorite job is pallet jacking, moving product-filled pallets from production to storage. He doesn’t like to be idle, and pallet jacking keeps him moving and busy.

Of course, no matter how good you are, there’s always room for improvement. In recent years, Vernon took it upon himself to improve his personal interactions and take more responsibility for his own actions. Even so, he’s always been helpful and genuine in nature, never complaining about his own challenges but always focused on everything running well for those around him.
He’s been approached about Supported Employment in the community. But after 34 years in a job he loves doing, Vernon is right where he wants to be. It allows him to contribute to his family’s household expenses and gives him the independence he needs.


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