Local Officer’s Widow Receives New Roof


by Terry Rogers



On December 3, Sara Hudson was surprised by Katie Zarrilli of Delmarva Life and Brian Spicer of Spicer Brothers Construction who arrived at her home to tell her she was the recipient of a new roof on behalf of Spicer Brothers. Hudson was one of two local people to be awarded a new roof by the company.

“This means everything,” Hudson said when she was surprised with the arrival of Spicer and Zarilli. “My son, Parker, has bad allergies and our roof started leaking a year ago. We had it priced out and it was like $15,000. I am on a fixed income with me and him, so that would have been I couldn’t have done without you guys.”

Hudson’s husband, Sean, died suddenly a few years ago. Because of the circumstances of his death, Hudson struggled to maintain a normal life for herself and Parker, but she lost her job and has struggled to make ends meet. A new roof was completely out of the question for the young widow so the nomination for a new roof from Spicer Brothers was welcome.

“To do this for two families a year is amazing for us, knowing we are helping somebody out,” Spicer said. “That is what this time of year is about, it is about giving, but we try to do this all year long. Specifically, at this time of year it is amazing to help other people out.”

Hudson and several other people were nominated for new roofs on the Spicer Brothers Construction website. Each nominee had a short paragraph describing why they were nominated for a roof and visitors to the website could vote for who they felt was most deserving. As a winner, Hudson will receive a lifetime roofing system from Spicer Brothers. The company will take care of all permitting, removal and installation of the new roof. As long as the weather permits the construction, Hudson will have a new roof before Christmas.

“My family wants to personally thank each and every one of you who has supported them the past two and a half years,” Hudson’s mother-in-law, Terri Hudson, posted on Facebook the day Hudson was notified of the contest win. “In particular, those who took a few minutes to vote for Sara during the neediest roof giveaway in November. She is so grateful and appreciative of the support. She received an overwhelming number of votes from across the country and it truly warms our hearts to know that because of YOU, their roof will be repaired and we will not have to worry about any potential safety issues caused by its deteriorating condition. I am not sure how we will ever be able to thank Spicer Brothers for their amazing generosity to our communities. They are an incredible family and we now feel like we are part of their family as well.”