Scouts Continue Pinewood Derby Tradition


In January, Pack 116 held its annual Pinewood Derby at St. Johns Church in Milford, DE. In a double elimination racing event, Cub Scouts raced their homemade cars against each other to decide the winner.

Before the event, Scouts are given a pinewood derby kit that includes a block of wood, metal axels and four wheels. It is up to the boys and their parents to construct a wooden car from the provided materials that will race against the other pinewood derby racers.

“The Pinewood Derby is an important part of scouting because it is all about the parent and child working together to create not only a car for race day but memories of time spent together,” said Cynthia Wooten, Pack 116 committee chair.

The experience is more than just a race for the families involved. The kids learn about sportsmanship, creativity and aerodynamics while participating in friendly competition. “…every scout that builds a car and enters the race is a winner,” said Wooten. “They have worked to create something; working with a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle to cut, sand and paint. These cars take hours to complete and they really showcase the talent and support our scouts get from their families.”

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