Women Supporting Women Conference, March 13-15


The Gee…You Will Project’s March 2020 Women Supporting Women Through Opportunity Conference & Retreat is approaching quickly and will be held March 13-15 at Redden Lodge near Georgetown. The theme for this year is “Find the Superhero in You,” because, as we know, every woman has a “Super Power.”

March is Women’s History Month, one of the markers for the Conference. For this reason, this event traditionally looks at Women in History, and this year, primarily women who showed “super” strength and accomplished what was once thought impossible.

The Gee…You Will Project is a formalwear lending library which lends gowns to girls and women who might not otherwise attend a formal affair. In addition, the Project works in the community providing mentoring and esteem building programs. Any income not consumed by the Conference, supports the Projects in covering costs for cleaning and maintenance of the gowns and events related to other programs offered.

Delaware Commission for Women (DCW) was the lead sponsor of the Conference for many years, however the Commission is no longer operational. Thus, the organization does not have a lead sponsor and scholarships are limited, but payment plans, and reduced fees are available. The donation for the weekend experience is $65 which includes food, lodging, workshops and activities.

While bedding is not provided, there is sleeping space for those who BYOB (Bring Your Own Bedding) and wish to spend Friday and Saturday nights at the lodge. For those who prefer not to sleep over at the lodge and are not housed nearby, there are accommodations available within 15 minutes of the lodge.

The donations collected will be used for accommodations and supplies for the Conference. Any remaining funds are donated to the Gee…You Will Project, including the dress project and mentoring programs. In addition to fun and learning, shopping and prizes are also featured.

Redden Lodge doors will open at 5 pm on Friday, March 13, 2020. Festivities begin at 6:30 pm with a light dinner, appetizers and desserts, followed by opening ceremonies and an evening of activities designed to let us get to know one another. On Saturday, continental breakfast will be served workshops will start at 9 am and continue until 4:30 pm, with lunch served at noon. Workshops include a wide variety of topics, including, but not limited to: finding the superhero in you; astrology; female songstresses rock opera; reiki; superfoods on the menu; who I want to be when I grow up; and breathe, relax, envision, among other intriguing topics.

Dinner is served at 6 pm and an evening program, including the “Rock Opera,” will follow. Breakfast is served Sunday, prior to a non-denominational “Celebration Ceremony.” A time for relaxation will follow the ceremony with crafting and other activities.

For more information on the Women’s Conference or other activities of the Gee…You Will Project, individuals are encouraged to contactRosemary Joseph-Kappel by phone at (302) 242-0032 or by e-mail at GUWillproject@yahoo.com.

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