Buccaneer Car Wash Opens in Milford


Karan Gupta, who operates several other car washes in the area, recently purchased the Buccaneer Car Wash located on North Walnut Street across from Milford High School. Gupta says that he saw potential in the car wash business in Milford since the town has been named the next boom town in Delaware.

“We saw potential in the car wash business since we were already running them at our gas stations,” Gupta said. “Milford is the next town emerging on the Delaware map and there seemed to be a good opportunity to serve the people of Milford and become a part of this close knit town. Milford is the next booming town after Middletown with the opening of the new hospital and all the other businesses opening up it gave us confidence to invest in Milford. We have had a very good and encouraging response from the people of the community and we hope to provide them with ongoing excellent service.”

The Gupta family is originally from India and have been United States citizens since 2003. Several family members hold business degrees in India and master’s in business from a London university.

“We like to call ourselves entrepreneurs, investing in local businesses, becoming part of the community,” Gupta said. “Our first venture in Delaware was with a Shell gas station which is now Citgo on Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington. This gave us our first experience with a car wash as well. We have gone on to purchase several gas stations throughout the state and when the Milford car wash opportunity came along, it seemed to be the perfect fit.”

Gupta has already added many services and options to the existing line selections at the car wash and are actively seeking feedback from customers on what they want in a car wash. He plans to continue upgrading the location including offering free vacuums with the purchase of a car wash. They also hope to add unlimited monthly wash packages in the future. The car wash is open 24 hours.

“We offer self-serve washes starting at $3.00 using 100 percent hot water wash with a lot of options that are not offered at other locations in this area,” Gupta said. “This includes the tire cleaner, pre-soak, soap foam brush, high-pressure soap, high pressure wax and more. The best services are the hot wax and air dryer on the self-serve options. Our automatic washes start at $8 and we have introduced many high pressure option on the automatic wash as well as a touchless option which I believe is the only one in Milford. We also provide all customers with a free towel dry with every automatic car wash for no extra charge between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM every day.”

Having driven several cars over the years, Gupta said that he has personally seen the importance of keeping a vehicle clean.

“Keeping your car clean adds years to the life of the car,” Gupta said. “It also helps protect the structure of the car from rust damage due to grime. In addition, a clean car retains its value when you decide to sell or trade it in. I feel like we spend a lot of time in our cars, commuting to work and social functions, almost to the point it becomes like a second home. Therefore, keeping the inside and outside clean makes your car more hygienic and thus provide health benefits.”

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