Kaisy’s Delight Opens in Milford


by Terry Rogers




Photo courtesy of Jo Schmeiser, CCGM

On Wednesday, February 7, Kaisy’s Delights opened in the new Nemour’s Health Building next to the Bayhealth Sussex Campus. A favorite café in Lewes and Rehoboth, Kaisy’s Delights is the vision of Theirry Langer and his wife, Nathalie, who Theirry calls the “brains of the operation.”

“We are French but we took holidays in the United States,” Langer said. “We became fascinated with America and when we decided to move here, we looked into what it would take to get a green card. It turned out that we needed to make a hefty investment, create a business and create jobs. We searched and decided on Sussex County, Delaware. Then we needed a business plan.”

The Langer’s turned to their roots for a business idea. Langer’s father fled Austria in 1938 and his son grew up hearing about what it was like to live in that country. One dish that Langer grew up eating, especially on holidays, was the kaiserschmarrn, a traditional recipe from Tyrol. The name means “Imperial Mess” because it looks like a mess when it is being prepared but it was a favorite of an Emperor. The name was shortened to “kaisy” for the restaurant the Langer’s developed.

A kaisy begins with pancake dough with vanilla and rum mixed in. Egg whites are incorporated at the last minute and the batter is whipped for a long time to create fluffiness. It is ten cooked in a special frame with raisins sprinkled on top. Once it has baked for a short time, the frame is pulled away, allowing the batter to leak. The cook then shreds and turns the pancake until it reaches a brown, toasted finish. It is then served in cups with powdered sugar. Customers can also add fruit or ice cream as a topping. They can also be topped with sausage, bacon or scrapple.

“This was something that did not exist anywhere in America,” Langer said. “We created the business plan in September 2014 and opened the Rehoboth store in May 2015. The Lewes store opened in 2017. We wanted to expand again and we heard about the new hospital. We looked at the map and the hospital fell in one of the areas our immigration documents say we needed to build jobs. We met with Terry Murphy of Bayhealth and he was very enthusiastic. It made sense because Lewes is sort of our headquarters and that puts it between Milford and Rehoboth.”

One of the biggest advantages to the Milford location is the availability of parking as opposed to the Rehoboth and Lewes locations, Langer said. The Nemours building is still undergoing construction and Langer wants to make sure customers understand that even though there is construction equipment in the lobby, Kaisy’s Delight is open for business.

“Senator Ernie Lopez walked into our Milford location and made the comment that it was the most European-feeling place he had ever been in,” Langer said. “The café is smaller than our other locations so it has a little more intimate feel. For now, we are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM, serving breakfast and lunch.”

In addition to the kaisy, the café offers breakfast sandwiches, build your own omelettes and seasonal soups. Frozen fruit smoothies, sorbet shells, coffee, tea and frozen lemonade are also available. Eggs can be cooked to order as well.

“We are amazed at the welcome we have received in Milford,” Langer said. “Milford is one of the most welcoming towns we have been in and it seems like so many people are happy to have us here. We are very happy to be here and look forward to expanding our offerings in Milford very soon.”

Photo courtesy of Jo Schmeiser, CCGM