City Receives DNREC Surface Water Grant


by Terry Rogers

In order to address an ongoing flooding issue on North Walnut Street, south of Northeast 4th Street, the City of Milford applied for and received a grant from DNREC. The planning grant is for $100,000, $50,000 of which will come from DNREC and the other $50,000 from the City of Milford.

“We believe the flooding in that area is caused by increased stormwater run-off to the north and west, inadequate drain inlets in the area and inadequate pipe capacity to the east and south,” Acting City Manager Mark Whitfield said. “The flooding also causes significant issues with inflow and infiltration of the sanitary sewer system, which increases our Kent County sewage treatment costs. Many times, the only relief to the flooding is through the sewer system” Councilman Jason James commented that he had received several calls from property owners in the area that they suffered water damage in the basement.

According to Whitfield, flooding in the area has caused damage to property and vehicles. Most of the grant will be used for an engineering consultant who will survey the existing infrastructure, define and analyze the limits of the watershed, complete a watershed drainage analysis and model as well as make a recommendation for drainage improvements in the area. Councilman Todd Culotta asked if the flooding led to any failures in the system.

“No, the inlets that the state provides are not hooded so that in a storm, the grates become covered with leaves and grass which led to much of the flooding,” Whitfield said. “We are working with the school district to identify areas near Banneker where we could create some stormwater retention as well as areas where we can reroute water using some of the grant funding.”

Council voted unanimously to authorize the Acting City Manager to approve the use of $50,000 from sewer reserves in order to meet the City’s portion of the grant.

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