DE Hospice Supporting Community During COVID-19


Susan Lloyd, President & CEO

Over the past 38 years, Delaware Hospice has frequently cared for our community members with infectious
diseases and we have vigorous infection control protocols in place from Centers for Medicare Services
(CMS), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Joint Commission, Delaware Health and Social Services (DHSS),
and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH). As an organization, our mission is to support every
individual, family, and community with compassionate and expert care for serious illness while protecting
those in our care and our staff from exposure.

Below are actions that Delaware Hospice has taken to help limit the spread of COVID-19:

1. Our offices are limited to essential employees at this time. The Delaware Hospice Center has very
limited visitation in place. We are following current and modified health guidelines from the CDC,
DHSS, DOH, and local government leaders. We will assess daily to determine if there is a need to adjust
these limitations at this time. Our Leadership Team has enacted an Emergency Response Plan that
includes a remote work policy for office staff.

2. Our clinical and administrative teams are practicing exceptional hand hygiene and have increased
our disinfecting process. At this time, we currently have the hand hygiene, disinfectant, and personal
protective equipment supplies that we need. However, we are actively working with state and federal
government agencies to secure extra supplies to ensure the safety of our community.

3. We have adopted a telecommuting policy during this time. As of Monday, March 23, 2020, Delaware
Hospice is implementing a temporary telecommuting policy that allows employees to work at
home, on the road, or in a satellite location for all or part of their workweek. As the backbone of
our organization, our incredible team is actively being monitored for illness. This is to help limit the
exposure of COVID-19 between staff members and patients and their families.

4. Education and communication is key to helping to stop the spread. As a healthcare leader in our
community, we are providing education to our patients and families about prevention, screening, and
signs of symptoms. We are advising families to screen all visitors. Delaware Hospice staff is
recommending families host virtual visits utilizing telecommunications like Facetime, Skype, and phone
calls. This has allowed our patients to stay in contact with their loved ones while being safe from the
spread of COVID-19. Before our staff enters a home, long-term care facilities, hospitals, or the
Delaware Hospice Center we are communicating with families and staff to limit exposure.

Please continue to educate yourself on the evolving information available regarding COVID-19. Protect
your family and friends by selecting valid, reliable sources. Many scammers are leveraging the COVID19 pandemic through requiring you to submit your personal data to view the information. Others are
soliciting donations on behalf of fake nonprofits, crowdfunding campaigns, or purchasing products

5. Our volunteers are still supporting Delaware Hospice through a variety of social distancing activities.
Our Volunteer Coordinators will continue to work with Leadership Team to determine the optimal
activities for our patients, families, and volunteers to stay safe and healthy during this time.
6. Special events, bereavement workshops, and in-person meetings are cancelled or being rescheduled.
In accordance with state and federal directives, we are cancelling or postponing all in-person

gatherings and events dependent on the size and date of the gathering. When possible, we will shift to
virtual meetings. This all bereavement activities. In recognition of the difficulty at this time in visiting
loved ones and mourning them in the usual fashion, our bereavement counselors are now available by
phone and teleconference upon a family member’s admission to our program. Please reach out to 302-
478-5707 for bereavement support.

We are managing the best we can. We are, however, concerned about how this unprecedented pandemic
will continue or escalate. The impact these measures will have on our ability to serve the community is
unknown. That said; please know that our board, volunteers, staff, and patients we serve deeply appreciate
your support. Because of you, we are able to provide uncompromised healthcare services.