Memorial Day Ceremony Cancelled


America’s COVID-19 virus pandemic has caused all Americans to be concerned about themselves and their families. The President and State Governors have tightened up on how we people in a this great nation get together for fun, for relaxation, for reflection and even prayer services. Today I am focusing on how we cope with this crowd distancing rules we have to comply with.

It’s a sad but understandable place we are in Delaware today where all the enjoyments of normality have been turned on its head. However, we Americans are resilient and we will survive and support emergency calls for new actions, or in this case, giving up planned actions/activities.

It’s tough for older war veterans like myself to know we all have to do the right thing when it comes to the point of closing down the Milford Memorial Day Ceremony, but I know this decision is the right decision. Due to Governor Carney’s crowd restrictions order, it is sad for me to state this beloved Memorial Day ceremony with a history of close to 22 years in the Milford area will be cancelled until next year. We ask that you keep the memories of our departed Veteran Heroes in your hearts and minds. They fought and gave their lives so that we can live our lives. I know they would be supporting this action. God bless them, God bless you all and God Bless America.

Charles Garrod

Chairman-Milford Memorial Day Ceremony