McGinnis Fights as Community Rallies


In February, 12-year-old Madison McGinnis was rushed to the hospital after her extreme headaches went untreated. After a computed tomography (CT) scan showed a mass on her brain, she was transported to A.I. Dupont Children’s hospital in Wilmington, DE. After further testing, Madison was diagnosed with a rare diffuse midline glioma brain tumor. A very aggressive tumor, located low on the brain stem, with no current clinical trials available, this news has been devastating to Madison’s family.

“Considering what she is dealing with, [Madison] is doing great, still a happy kid, playing board games, eating a lot since she is on steroids,” said Madison’s grandmother Joyce McGinnis. “She loves playing cards, word puzzles and is currently dying Easter Eggs.”

Madison will be undergoing intense radiation therapy for six weeks straight.  In addition to the expense of traveling back and forth to treatments, Madison’s mother Amanda will have virtually no income as she travels over two hours round trip each day for treatments and bears the added responsibility of keeping Madison’s compromised immune system safe from the COVID-19 virus. Madison’s father Kevin is also disabled from a work-related accident many years ago, with very little income as well. To support the family, a Go Fund Me campaign has been created to enable Madison’s parents to continue to support her treatments, to pay bills and to provide for Madison’s sisters; Skylar and Krystyna, and her brother, Jordan.

“To everyone who has experienced cancer. To everyone who knows the uncertainty of battling rare cancer. To anyone with children, I am asking for your help,” said Joyce. “

For the McGinnis family, they are continuing to have hope and keep Madison active with the things she enjoys. “She loves to be silly, absolutely loves animals. Her dad just put together a Chicken Coop and she loves watching the chicks growing up,” said Joyce. “Her family, her animals, and crabbing are her life. She is looking forward to her thirteenth birthday party so she can have a crab feast. She is looking forward to going to West Virginia with her grandparents in July for a family reunion and ATV riding.”

The Madison McGinnis’ Brain Tumor Fund will help the family in several ways by supplying money for fuel to get back and forth to radiation treatments in Christiana every day for four more weeks, putting food on the table and paying bills and utilities. Those that wish to help can do so be visiting the Fund page online at