MPD Grateful for Donations During COVID-19


by Terry Rogers


Marissa Cordell of EasySpeak delivers meals and hand sanitizer to MPD

As first responders, many police officers must get within six feet of someone they need to question, a car they need to stop or while dealing with an unruly suspect who may attempt to flee. Milford Police Department officers do not have the luxury of staying home in order to avoid becoming infected with COVID-19. Officers who may have been exposed or who have family members they must take care of who must be quarantined could put a strain on manpower in Milford. For this reason, Milford Police Department is grateful for citizens and businesses who have donated items to them as they not only fight crime but try to avoid catching the virus.

“We’ve been very fortunate to receive a variety of items,” Sergeant Robert Masten said. “We have received everything from sanitation-type products to meals that have been delivered to the station. We really appreciate the meals as it provides a needed service to our officers and staff who are working long hours during this crisis. Sanitation items are needed badly as we are going through them quickly, especially wipes.”

During the COVID-19 crisis, Sgt. Masten said that it appears that the crime rate may be down but the types of crime they are dealing with is similar to what they normally deal with. Because officers cannot always practice social distancing when dealing with crimes, they must wash their hands more often than usual. While on patrol, it is difficult for an officer to find a hand-washing station which is why hand sanitizers and wipes are critical to their safety. They must not only wash their hands but may need to wipe down surfaces in their patrol car, interrogation rooms and other areas where they could touch a surface with the virus and contract it themselves.

“Anyone who can donate sanitation supplies, including wipes, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soaps and other supplies can bring them to the station,” Sgt. Masten said. “We can also come pick them up if they are not comfortable leaving their home. If they do want to bring them to the station, we suggest they call first to be sure there is someone there who can receive the items. We want the community to know that we are extremely grateful for their generosity. It demonstrates to us how much support we have in the community.”

Anyone who wants to donate items, including meals, snacks and sanitation items, can call 302-422-8081.