Legg Named Morris Teacher of the Year


Jennifer Legg,  Special Education Kindergarten Teacher at Morris Early Childhood, was named the school’s 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year. She has been with the district since 2003 where she began her teaching career at Lulu Ross Elementary School.

Legg has lived in Milford for the last 20 years with her husband and two sons. Active in the Milford community, she has volunteered with Milford Little League and Pop Warner.

Legg began working at Avenue Preschool in 2005 as a teachers’ assistant and took on the role as lead teacher in 2007. She began taking classes for early childhood education and wanted to expand her knowledge base in education. In 2010, she began working for Milford School District as a Special Education paraprofessional and in 2016 completed her bachelors degree before accepted a teaching position with the district. Legg has since completed her Masters in special education instruction and serves on several committees at Morris such as our Fellowship Committee for staff and the building representative for MEA.  

“ [It] was an honor and very humbling. I work with amazing staff. Without them, I wouldn’t be the teacher I am,” said Legg. “I chose to be a teacher because there is nothing better than seeing a child succeed. There is no other place I would rather be. Days can be tough, but the rewards are immense.”

Seeing her students succeed is what keeps Legg motivated. “Some things are tough for my kiddos and they over come obstacles everyday. That is what keeps me motivated,” she said. 

She states that the best part about teaching is having students say that she is their best friend. For now, it is when their faces light up on Google Live because they are happy to see her. “Seeing them be able to accomplish academic tasks, make new friends,  cut their craft for the first time, or be able to swing by their self.Those moments are what I love most about teaching.” Commented Legg.

Although Delaware schools have been closed for the remainder of the year, Legg wants to be able to go back to her classroom. “I am very thankful for technology right now. Without it, I would not be able to see my students. However, nothing will ever replace face to face instruction,” she said.

Long term, Legg wants to complete a second Masters in administration and leadership. “I want to challenge myself to be able to lead others as I lead my students. I want to share my love and passion for students and see other teachers be a part of  their students success,” she said. “That’s a little ways off because I currently have my two sons in college; but I will be enrolling back in college.”

Legg wants the public to know that teachers want the best for their students, just as parents want the best for their child. “I work in a special place. I see the dedication to our students first hand,” she said. “I know it is difficult for the first time letting your child go to kindergarten. It’s a big step but I promise there isn’t a better place for your child to be.”