Brennan Loving Liberty


Darby Brennan with field hockey is photographed for Athlete Media Day on 20190502. (Photo by KJ Jugar)

By Kevin Eickman

While attending Milford High School, Darby Brennan was a model student and a standout athlete in both Field Hockey and Softball. Garnering numerous accolades both on and off the field, Brennan had a decision to make as to where to attend college upon graduating Milford in 2018. For some students it can be a difficult choice, like many decisions in life, it can be difficult. Brennan however, knew it in her heart that Liberty University was the place for her “Honestly just fell in love with Liberty the first time I visited here.” Brennan continued “Speaking with the coaches and the players, plus just looking at campus life, it was an easy decision for me.”

Like the rest of us, Brennan has been trying to stay in shape for the 2020 fall season, which we are all hoping occurs “Our staff has put together a very meticulous off-season conditioning program for all of us to follow. I chose to stay on campus and I believe that it has enabled me to maintain my focus on both my studies and conditioning.” stated Brennan.

While Brennan is a midfielder on the team, she is a student first and foremost. Majoring in Strategic Communications, while minoring in Journalism, she has been enjoying her time learning what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera “It’s very exciting for me because there is always a new challenge, always something new to learn.” Brennan added “I was a little nervous the first time I interviewed someone, but the more I have done it, the more comfortable I have become. Learning the technology aspect is very exciting as well, it’s amazing what goes on behind the cameras.”

Brennan is enjoying her life beyond the field and classroom as well. Liberty has impacted her life in a multitude of ways “”The firs and most important thing that has happened is that my faith in The Lord has really depend. I feel spiritually stronger every day, even when I don’t have the best of day I still feel like a stronger person for having gone through whatever that challenge is.” Brennan continued “It’s just like having a second family here. I have been able to make so many new and interesting friendships.”

Playing as a midfielder in a top 25 program is not an easy task and Brennan has been working hard to crack the starting lineup. While she played in a number of games her first two seasons, she believes there is a better athlete inside her. The key is hard work and dedication, along with solid coaching. That’s where Milford graduate and current Liberty Coach Nikki Parsley-Blocker and her staff come into play “The coaches here are great, they really push you to be your best.” Brennan added “They are always there for you and that is huge. They not only care about you as a player, but as a person. The coaches down here are fantastic.”

Speaking with Parsley-Blocker earlier this year, she made it clear that Brennan has a bright future “Darby is one of those people who you just know is going to be successful. She has what it takes to be a success at life, she is going places.” Parsley-Blocker concluded “She is a wonderful person with a great attitude and does whatever she can to make herself a better person. That is what we are doing here, we are building people who will be a credit to themselves and The Lord.”