KSI Celebrates Jaclyn’s Success


Jaclyn is a sharp young woman who started with KSI’s Pre-Vocational Program in November of 2015. She is a strong-willed and forthright person, and a natural for getting along in a team. Jaclyn had experience with cleaning and customer service at an Xbox store, as well as offering dressing room assistance at a Sears store for two years.

Jaclyn’s first KSI community-based work was as part of KSI’s work crew at Kraft Heinz Company Dover. But it wasn’t long before she advocated for her inclusion on the KSI work crew at the Dover Air Force Base (DAFB) Postal Service Center (PSC). There she sorts mail and packages, and helps customers when they come in to retrieve their mail.

“She’s doing very well with customer service at the counter,” recounted KSI Community-Based Production Supervisor Carlton Adams. “We’re training her with ‘out processing’ as well, ensuring that people still get their mail when they’re leaving the base and relocating for another assignment.” Out processing is a fairly complicated process of making sure all the labels and documents are in place so that mail gets forwarded to the correct address.

At first Jaclyn was very quiet. And she found it challenging to stay aloof from other crew members’ personal drama. However, Jaclyn learned to focus on her own growth and meeting her goals. Now her work abilities are steadily growing and she’s even more comfortable interacting with people.

“Her communication skills have improved significantly. She’s where she feels comfortable and appreciated in that environment. She’s blossomed,” said Case Manager Alyson Minor. “And her customer service skills have grown incredibly.”

Jaclyn is a “people” person, which she’ll tell you is a trait she learned from her grandmother with whom she lived for some time. “My grandmother used to tell me all the time that you have to be grateful for the people in your life,” Jaclyn said.

Gaining more confidence with coworkers as well as customers is starting to define her employment choices. Jaclyn is really looking to build upon the customer service skills she’s gained at the PSC and using that to enhance individuals’ retail experiences.

“She expressed that she wants to explore Supported Employment and has a preference for working in retail,” explained Ms. Minor. “It has to do with being around customers. And she gets a lot of enjoyment out of shopping and being in stores. So she wants to create that experience for others.”