Wine Fairies Spread Happiness During Pandemic


by Terry Rogers

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine began in the Rochester, NY area as a way to bring a group of women closer together. The goal of the group was to leave packages on doorsteps to surprise others during this time of stress. Based on the story The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the group has grown rapidly and as several “Traveling Wine” Facebook groups in the Milford area have been created.

“You must be 21 to play and you must respect people’s privacy,” the rules on the Facebook page read. “Maintain social distancing. Ding-dong-ditch, ring and run, knock, leave a cute note, whatever.”

Those who are interested in delivering items to others simply post the area where they plan to travel that day and ask others to provide their address. Each Wine Fairy uses their own system to determine who will receive a package. Some only deliver to homes they know while others drop things off at the home of strangers. Many are enlisting the help of their children who they say enjoy the act of giving to others in a fun way.

“I’ve got my little fairy coming along for the day,” Kori posted. “If y’all see this fairy struggling to get my one year old back in the seat, just ignore us. Single mama status.”

Many of those who have been “wined” as the group calls it say that it has brightened their day when many are struggling with the extended quarantine and concern about COVID-19.

“This group is amazing,” Danielle said after being “wined” for the first time. “It truly brought me joy and excitement for the first time in awhile, and I can’t say thanks enough for that. The kindness I see going on daily in this group is inspiring to say the least, and it is exactly what this country needs right now. Leave it to the ladies to figure out a way to bring us all together and feel connected in a time when many feel isolated, depressed and alone. Keep on spreading kindness, fellow fairies.” Although some of the groups are open only to women, others allow men to become “Wine Fairies” as well.

Recipients post the photos of what they receive on the Facebook page. Photos include baskets, buckets and bags filled with many items. People have delivered wine glasses, home decorations, candy, snacks, beauty items, candles and more along with wine, beer, seltzers, ciders and non-alcoholic items. Some have even included treats for pets. It is at the discretion of the Wine Fairy whether they identify who they are in the package. Some deliver items anonymously while others put their own name and address on a note.

One of the reasons for the group is to help those who may be suffering from anxiety and depression during the pandemic. Many social media posts from those who received packages say that the deliveries helped them deal with their mental health while others expressed thankfulness that others wanted to bring a sprinkle of happiness to their day.

Videos have cropped up on social media of many unique methods for delivering the packages. People dress in fun costumes, including Minnie Mouse, T-Rex and, of course, fairies. Some wear regular clothes and duck below bushes as they deliver a package to the step, ring the bell or knock and then run to the car.

“I love sprinkling fairy dust of happiness and joy during this crazy time,” Donna posted. “Wine Fairies just want to spread joy, spread the love and let everyone know. We are all in this together.”