Aquacare Physical Therapy Opens in Milford Wellness Village


by Terry Rogers 


Aquacare Physical Therapy (Photo from Facebook)

Cara Konlian, MSPT and CEO of Aquacare Physical Therapy, explained that the company has been hoping to open an office in Milford for some time after offering physical therapy services in Sussex County for the past 18 years. When the Milford Wellness Village, located in the former Bayhealth Milford Memorial Clarke Avenue location were searching for health care partners, Konlian’s organization began talking with Nationwide Health about opening a physical therapy there.

“We are very excited to offer our rehabilitationservices in Milford,” Konlian said. “Milford Wellness Village has exciting future plans to meet the health care needs of the Milford community and we know they will be wonderful partners moving forward.”

Aquacare Physical Therapy offers traditional land- based therapies, as well as water-based therapies designed to assist people suffering from chronic pain, have mobility issues or have suffered traumatic injuries. There is not a pool at the Clarke Avenue site, so Aquacare Physical Therapy partners with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milford to use their pool for therapy.

“We have access to use their pool from 9 AM to Noon each day,” Konlian said. “All therapy is done one-on-one, not in a group class. Many people are still fearful of going to therapy due to the virus, but aquatic therapy provides an anti-viral method for therapy. Because we work one-on-one, there is no interaction with anyone but the therapist. Pools are treated with chemicals that kill the virus, making it a much safer alternative to other types of therapy.”

Another benefit to aquatic therapy, according to Konlian, is that water offers a 90 percent reduction in body weight once someone is submersed from the waist down. Buoyancy provides an excellent option for people who are in chronic pain, suffer from arthritis, are recovering from a stroke or have illnesses, such as Parkinson’s Disease, where movements are difficult.

“We also have a vibrant women’s pelvic floor therapist who works with women who are pregnant as well as post-partum,” Konlian said. “Women suffer with physical conditions such as back/pelvic pain before and after pregnancy, so this is a way for them to build those core muscles.”

Aquatic therapy is often combined with traditional land based physical therapy. Out of the pool, the physical therapist may perform soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, therapeutic exercise or balance training, The Boys & Girls Club pool also has a ramp that allows people with mobility issues or those in wheelchairs to access the pool without climbing steps.

“We also offer physical therapy for athletes recovering from surgery or injury,” Konlian said. “Pool therapy can be a great intervention for post-operative care. Athletes who have undergone knee surgery, ACL surgery or others can rehabilitate easier in the pool than with traditional therapies. It is a great intervention especially for those who have suffered severe injuries as they can start therapy earlier. Just being in the pool can also reduce swelling.”

Aquacare Physical Therapy takes most insurance plans which often cover the cost of treatments. In most cases, patients are referred by their doctor, but Delaware also allows direct access with no physician referral.

To learn more about Aquacare Physical Therapy, contact them at 302 491-4196.