Take Care of Your Car’s Air Conditioning System This Summer


by Terry Rogers

The hot humid days can take a toll on your car’s air conditioning and filtration system. Tim Millman of TJ’s Repair and Milford NAPA Auto Parts explained that it is critical to have your car’s air conditioning system checked to be sure it is operating at peak efficiency.

“Many people assume that since cool air is coming from the vents, everything is just fine,” Millman said. “But that is not necessarily the case. When your filters are dirty, your air conditioner has to work harder to push out that cold air and that takes a toll. That could lead to a lot of problems down the road that will be expensive to fix. Your air conditioning system is also important to keep your engine cool, so that is another reason you want it running properly.”

Millman explained that there is some basic maintenance that can help your car’s air conditioner work more efficiently, even on the hottest days of summer. Check to be sure the condenser is clean and that the cabin air filter is changed.

“We offer an air conditioning system check,” Millman said. “Our Air Conditioning Tune Up includes cleaning the condenser, replacing the cabin air filter, checking belts and checking fluid levels. We especially recommend having your car in for a check up if you plan on going on any road trips over the summer. One of the biggest issues people face when they are traveling is an issue with a belt or a hose. We can check to be sure they are all in good shape, so your road trip is not ruined by a car breakdown.”

Another reason that Millman suggests you have your car’s filtration and air conditioning systems checked is the Saharan dust cloud that is blanketing the United States periodically this summer. Although the dust cloud occurs every year, it is especially strong this year.

“The particles in this dust cloud are every small and cannot be seen by the naked eye,” Millman said. “That can actually make it worse because the particles can get inside your engine and cause many problems. Your car pulls air in from outside to cool the engine which means it is sucking up those tiny dust particles. Your filtration system can only do so much without some attention, so during this year’s Saharan dust cloud, you really need to stay on top of changing filters and checking the compressor.

You can arrange for an appointment to have your air conditioning system checked by calling 302-422-8383.