Milford Diner temporarily closed by owners


by Terry Rogers


Terri Rosetta and Brian Stabell, Owners of Milford Diner

The owners of the Milford Diner, Terri Rosetta and Brian Stabell, made the difficult decision this past Friday to temporarily close the doors of the iconic Milford Diner.

“We want to set the record straight that we made the decision to close on our own,” Rosetta said. “We were not shut down by the Department of Health. The decision to close was made after I received another phone call from the agency on Friday. The complaint was one that could have impacted a significant number of people and we took this call extremely seriously.”

After receiving the phone call, Rosetta made the decision to close the doors to the public on Friday until she could confirm the information provided to her by DPH.

“We wanted to be sure we could report facts to our customers and employees,” Rosetta said. “It turned out that the complaint was that a family member of one of our employees had tested positive for COVID-19 and this accusation was completely false.”

Rosetta stated all the restrictions and guidelines the food industry has to deal with on a daily basis since COVID-19 has negatively impacted their business financially.

“Phase 1 capacity was 30% and Phase 2 Capacity is 60%,” Rosetta said. “This makes no difference due to the way the diner is laid out and having to maintain 6 feet distance. On top of having a much lower capacity, we are dealing  with individuals making false accusations to  the Department of Health for what they perceive are violations, even though they do not exist, which are causing unwarranted stress on our employees, patrons and our business in general.”

The couple purchased the Milford Diner in 2018 and had only been in business 16 months when the lockdown occurred.  The entire kitchen was remodeled after they purchased the building, mostly by DeRaffele Manufacturing Company.  The original part of the diner was built by the Fodero Dining Car Company in 1954. The company operated out of New Jersey from 1933 to 1981, founded by Joseph Fodero, and his longtime friend, Phil DeRaffele Manufacturing, was established in 1933. DeRaffele is still operating today.

“It is important to both of us that customers and community know we greatly appreciate their love and support through all of this,” Rosetta said. “We simply want to clear up any misinformation that may be out there.”

Rosetta was not sure how long Milford Diner will remain closed but says they are looking forward to serving the Milford community once again.