Milford Lifestyles Fitness Center to open in September


by Terry Rogers

 Cara Konlian, CEO of Aquacare Physical Therapy, explained that when the company decided to pursue a fitness endeavor, they knew the Milford Community did not need just another gym. What they wanted to create was a medical fitness and wellness center that catered to all people of all ages and fitness needs. Joining with the Milford Wellness Village seemed the perfect fit for providing these integrated services for the Milford community.

“When we leased part of the wellness village, we knew there was an old gym in the former Milford hospital,” Konlian said. “We have updated the gym with newer equipment. Due to COVID-19, we are creating a safe, small, intimate setting, limiting the gym to no more than five to seven people initially.”

Konlian wants the new gym, which will be called Milford Lifestyles Fitness, to be a place where people with physical conditions that hinder exercise can come in and workout but be monitored by a physical therapist. This sets them apart from other gyms, creating more of a medical fitness center than a gym.

“We are offering three different memberships,” Ryan Spotts, a physical therapy assistant, and the Milford Wellness Center Coordinator said. “The first is a basic membership where you come in and get a free 30-minute consultation and a plan to work toward your fitness goals. The next type of membership is a post-rehab membership that provides an exercise program and three 30-minute sessions with a therapist each month. This is for people who are being discharged from physical therapy. A Physical Therapy Assistant will look over your program and modify it as necessary. The third is personal training with a certified personal trainer. This is a program specifically designed for them based on their fitness goals, where they want to be, and methods for them to help them achieve those goals using one-on-one attention to help them succeed.”

Konlian stated that the new center is scheduled to open September 8 and those that sign up during the first few weeks will be offered discounts. The basic program is $29.99 per month for one person but family members can be added for $14.99 per month per person. The cost is $324.99 per year for one person or $179.99 per family member. Personal training is $40 for a 30-minute session and $65 for a 60-minute session. It is possible to purchase a 10 pack for of 30-minute sessions for $360 or 60-minute sessions for $585. Post-rehab memberships is $50 for a 30-day session, $90 for 60-day programs, and $130 for 90-day programs.

“Anyone can register for the basic program or the personal training program,” Spotts said. “The post-rehab program is for patients discharged from physical therapy. This is a place where someone who has a knee injury, Parkinson’s disease, or other mobility issues can come and receive one-on-one care.”

Although the center is geared toward people of all ages, they are committed to a somewhat older population. Because the fitness center is smaller and will be less populated, older people may be more comfortable visiting the gym for fitness. The center will also focus on medical issues like diabetes, weight loss, physical fitness, and more.

Anyone who is interested in signing up can call 302-491-4196, visit the company website at or stop in at the fitness center. Staff is there most days to help anyone with questions. Regular hours for the site will be Monday through Thursday, 7 AM until 6 PM, Friday, 7 AM until 5 PM and Saturday 7 AM until 1 PM. They will be closed on Sunday. Hours will be expanded in October to earlier mornings and later evenings.