City Approves Bids for Two Street Projects


by Terry Rogers

On Monday, August 24, Milford City Council approved bids for two street projects on Mispillion Street and Lovers Lane. The Mispillion Street project was awarded to Diamond Materials for $682,386. The Lovers Lane project was awarded to David A. bramble for $148,075.

“The Mispillion Street project includes new pavement, curb, and sidewalk,” City Manager Mark Whitfield said. “It is a group project that includes the reconstruction of McColley Street from Southeast Front to Mispillion, the reconstruction of Marshall Street from Southeast Front to the Dog Park, and the reconstruction of Marshall Street to Fisher Avenue. Waterline work will include a four-inch line in Mispillion Street in order to provide a water loop and a new eight-inch main extension to Marshall Street to serve the future Riverwalk Villas.”

In addition to water lines, lead water service lines will be replaced and sewer lines will be added for the Riverwalk Villas. The developer for Riverwalk Villas will be responsible for the future reconstruction of Mispillion Street between Marshall and Columbia, including adding curbing and sidewalks on both sides of the street as well as new pavement. Municipal Street Aid funds in the amount of $434,440.16 combined with $80,000 from Real Estate Transfer Reserves, $139,327.92 in Water Reserves, and $28,617.92 in Sewer Reserves were used to cover the cost of this project.

Council voted unanimously to award the bid to Diamond Materials.

The Lovers Lane project is a paving project although there will be removal of lead service lines and asbestos cement water mains. The asbestos cement water line and lead service line removal were identified in the Water Capital Plan. Community Transportation Funds in the amount of $100,000 as well as Municipal Street Aid in the amount of $3,125, Asbestos Cement water Main Removal reserves in the amount of $16,600 and Lead Service Line Removal funds in the amount of $28,350 will be used to fund this project.

Council voted unanimously to award the bid to David A. Bramble.