7 Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Aspiring Accountants

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As a hardworking accounting student, you’re eager to find insight from a variety of trusted resources. Helpful information abounds in your textbooks, of course, and you can gain a great deal from lectures—but there’s something to be said for the extra control that YouTube provides. With the right videos, you can learn at your own pace, pausing or skipping as you see fit.

While accounting videos should not be relied on in lieu of tailored classes or conventional study habits, they can provide the perfect complement to a well-rounded academic routine. First, however, it’s important to know which videos are actually worth watching. Some contributors offer far better content than others.

Struggling to sort through the many accounting videos currently available on YouTube? Don’t hesitate to subscribe to these channels, which are among the best to supplement your studying sessions:

1. Farhat’s Accounting Lectures

Designed to help students who’ve struggled with prerequisites or simply prefer to absorb new materials at a slower pace, this channel breaks down a wide range of complex concepts. Many videos are meant to supplement standard accounting courses, but students may also look to Farhat for help with preparing for the CPA or CMA exam.

Farhat’s videos range from five-minute clips to in-depth sessions that last an hour or longer. Some are even streamed so that subscribers can ask questions and receive on-the-spot answers.

Concepts examined in these videos include:

  • Profitability ratios
  • Consolidation accounting
  • Accounts payable
  • Audit tests
  • Payroll taxes
  • Corporate governance

In addition to clarifying specific terms and procedures, Farhat offers study advice to help viewers make the most of every minute. His exam-oriented videos introduce viewers to valuable study techniques as well as resources that provide even more information. Check out his Facebook or Twitter pages for additional inspiration.

2. CPA Strength

Created by a self-described YouTube addict who is also a licensed CPA, this channel requires a bit of scrolling, as mukbang and power-lifting videos are often interspersed amongst the accounting content. For easier navigation, head straight to the Accounting Basics and CPA Exam playlists, where you’ll find dozens of relevant videos.

If you have time to spare for videos that don’t directly relate to accounting, there’s actually great value to be gained in checking out the full range of content on the CPA Strength channel. The surprising breadth provides an important lesson: It’s possible to maintain a well-rounded lifestyle when you become an accountant.

Many of CPA Strength’s accounting-oriented clips outline various aspects of the exam preparation process, along with targeted advice for those who struggle with specific sections such as REG (Regulation) or FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting). As such, it’s a great option for anyone who is worried about an upcoming exam and determined to prepare as strategically as possible.

For those at the beginning stages of their accounting education, this channel will break down the essentials, reducing the likelihood of falling behind when undertaking a rigorous academic pursuit. Don’t forget to view the Monday Motivation videos which promise a much-needed mental boost when “grinding it out” just doesn’t seem possible.

3. Else Grech Accounting

As a bona fide accounting professor, Else Grech is more than qualified to share her insight on YouTube. Her channel emphasizes not only the technical components of accounting, but also offers easy-to-understand reasoning to help students realize why accounting techniques function the way they do.

Elsa Grech’s videos are versatile enough to benefit many types of viewers, although, as a professor, she is most at home with instructing accounting students. Her occupation is also abundantly clear when examining the names of the videos, which are categorized within modules.

This channel’s videos delve into the following topics:

  • Activity-based costing
  • Ethics in managerial accounting
  • Preferred share dividends
  • Materiality

In addition to offering videos that break down these and other key concepts, she offers resources such as flow charts and demo questions. These go above and beyond to help students prepare for exams with the understanding that the majority will benefit most from actively getting involved in the learning process.

4. Accounting Stuff

While this list has largely been targeted at accounting students, some of the channels found here can also provide value for those with other majors. Such is the case for Accounting Stuff which offers actionable insight to benefit all types of viewers. James Hearle has a diverse accounting background that he’s eager to share with his audience.

Those thinking of—but not committed to—accounting will definitely want to check out the video “5 Reasons You Should Be An Accountant.” Current accounting students will appreciate the patient coverage of the revenue recognition principle or the double declining balance depreciation method. The channel’s coverage of QuickBooks should not be missed, regardless of major or professional niche.

No matter the topic or target audience, every episode is easy to follow. Helpful graphics bring definitions and examples to life, making this an appealing channel for visual learners. Some of the information from these videos has been helpfully compiled into PDF cheat sheets which can be purchased for a modest price from the official Accounting Stuff website.

5. The Accounting Space with Martin Turner

On the hunt for YouTube content that echoes what you might encounter in a typical lecture or during open hours with your professor? Look no further than The Accounting Space with Martin Turner. Created by an experienced professional and academic, the videos strive to “tell it as it is.”

US students will want to take the concepts discussed in these videos with a grain of salt as the channel’s creator is from Australia. Still, while some specifics may vary from one region to the next, core concepts are similar, making this channel as valuable as any for gaining a basic understanding. Ideas discussed on this channel include:

  • Margin of safety
  • Return on equity
  • Categories of cash flows
  • Contribution margins

When you’re short on time, this channel’s straightforward videos—spanning four or five minutes—should provide plenty of food for thought. If you’re able to dedicate an hour or more to your accounting studies, however, you’ll definitely want to view the many long-form videos, which will ensure that you fully understand the material as you prepare for exams.

6. The Accounting Student

While many of the accounting channels above are led by experienced professors or expert CPAs, the perspectives of current and recent students can also be valuable. Hence, the importance of checking out The Accounting Student. Created by a former honors student who hopes to help viewers tackle confusing concepts or prepare for tough exams, the channel primarily consists of four-minute videos that can easily fit into a student’s busy day.

As the trailer for the channel explains, the account is meant to provide an “online, independent, and student-run” resource for accounting education. Beyond this, however, the channel focuses on curating simple and enjoyable content. This is largely targeted at students who are currently enrolled at various universities and colleges, but instructors can also benefit from viewing the videos as can ordinary people who are interested in accounting.

To streamline navigation, The Accounting Student has divided its videos into several useful playlists, including:

  • Introduction to Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • The Accounting Concepts
  • The Accounting Equation
  • The Financial Statements

Within these playlists, the following topics are covered in detail:

  • Cash flow statement
  • Accrual versus cash accounting
  • Realization concept
  • Types of business entities
  • Double-entry system

7. The Accounting Professor

When a surface-level overview won’t cut it, turn to The Accounting Professor. While these videos require far more time and concentration than many others highlighted in this list, the payoff can be considerable.

Bennet Tchaikovsky, JDA, CPA—the professor for which the channel is named—has served in many senior financial roles over the years but finds the most personal satisfaction in teaching. Hence, his commitment not only to his students at Irvine Valley College, but also, the many who view his videos online.

Many of The Accounting Professor’s videos draw from one of accounting education’s most respected resources: the 17th edition of Intermediate Accounting by industry leaders Kieso, Weygandt, and Warfield. Using problems found within this textbook, these in-depth videos walk viewers through every step, providing detailed explanations along the way.

Other videos explore topics such as current liabilities, PP&E, and activity-based costing. Additionally, The Accounting Professor provides a thorough overview of the CPA exam process, including Tchaikovsky’s personal experience preparing for this nerve-wracking, but important endeavor.

A blend of top-notch YouTube channels and exceptional college instruction can prepare you for success in accounting. If you are interested in learning more about the Accounting degree offered at Wilmington College Cincinnati, request information today!

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