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Digital Marketing Increases Sales !

Your time is valuable…Let us build your MARKETING TEAM

Our Experts will : 1. Develop a Personalized Marketing Strategy; 2. Engage Local Customers; 3. Create a Plan to Drive Action

We will implement Interactive platforms throguh internet, email and social media marketing and Create Shareable, Impactful Content

The Result : Expand Customer Reach & Exposure, Enhance Community Engagment & Interaction; and Generate Sales, Customer Loyalty & Retention.



How do you take advantage of this energy and engage new and existing customers ?

If you are having a challenge finding time to pin down your marketing strategy while running your business, allow to evaluate your marketing goals and construct a customized plan to achieve success with our Personalized, Interactive Marketing campaigns ! Our experts will weave your unique brand into the local media and community while strengthening your business’ ability to reach new and existing customers.

Contact Bryan at or 302-542-9231 for your free personalized marketing plan.

Recently asked its readers to answer a survey about their local purchasing habits. When asked how marketing in The Weekly Review and on affects their desire to buy local, the answers demonstrated the active audience that interacts with daily: 61.5%, stated that they had visited an advertiser’s business51.9% of those readers stated that they purchased goods from an advertiser; 32.7% stated that they purchased services from an advertiser and 80.8% stated that they have attended an event, “as a result of reading The Weekly Review or”Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.13.18 AM

Our marketing partners say…

“One thing about Bryan, you see a lot of him. He does more than sell you advertising. He’s trying to grow your business. He’s always asking if we’re getting the right response to our ads or if we want to tweak the message. Since we’ve been with Bryan, our business has grown by 100 percent. Everyone seems to read the Review and they support its advertisers. Bryan is a big supporter of the town of Milford and the town is fortunate to have him here.” – Kevin Reading, Owner of Abbott’s Grill


“As Delaware’s Premier Credit Union, Del-One Federal Credit Union is committed to helping our members live the best financial life they can.  MilfordLIVE is a wonderful resource to use to help promote the quality products and services Del-One FCU has to offer.”

– Amy Resh, Director of Marketing, Del-One Federal Credit Union

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** SPECIAL OFFER ** – Free Ad Creation For New Customers  

“Milford Live has allowed my new boutique to grow by increasing my customer base. Whether I want to market an event, new products or a promotion, Milford Live knows how to reach my customers through email, online and social media outlets.” — Sherry Shaffer, Fur-Baby Boutique


“Downtown Milford, Inc. is proud of our partnership with MilfordLIVE to better inform the community and region about our many events and activities supporting Downtown. MilfordLIVE’s ability to use several advertising platforms at once enables us to effectively promote all that we do to a wide and diverse audience.”

– Director of Downtown Milford, Inc.

Contact Bryan at or 542-9231 for your free consultation about the many things we can offer your business.


Contact Bryan at or 302-542-9231 for your free personalized marketing plan.






To avoid any conflict of interest, our team has decided to not run any political ads during this election cycle since the owner of MilfordLIVE is running for public office.

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