DMI seeking businesses to participate in new events

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Downtown Milford Inc is hoping to keep the excitement of the holiday season going after the first of the year with new events

After one of the most well-attended Holiday Strolls in Downtown Milford Inc.’s history, the organization wants to keep the excitement going after the holiday season ends. As a result, the Promotions Committee has created two new events designed to keep high energy in the downtown area after the holiday season ends.

“Jammin’ January is one of the events we hope will continue the excitement downtown,” Janne Collins, Executive Director of DMI said. “We are asking businesses to plan inside events designed to draw customers to their establishment and encourage them to visit others as well. The activity could be games, live music or anything unique that the business thinks will draw in crowds.”

Businesses who participate will receive recognition on the new Milford Community Calendar as well as mentions on social media and in press releases from DMI. There is no charge to join Jammin’ January, but DMI requests if the business event has a fee, to mention that when they reach out by emailing [email protected] by December 15.

“The other idea was Foodie February,” Collins said. “February is the month for love and we all know how people love food. Restaurants, cafes and bars can simply create a new food or drink item that is only going to be available in February or they can raffle off gift cards throughout the month. Retail stores can hold food-themed trivia games or partner with a local restaurant to raffle gift cards as well. Just be creative with what you want to do to celebrate the Month of Love!”

Like Jammin’ January, there is no fee to participate. Simply email [email protected] by January 12 to let DMI know what the business plans to do during the month.

“We are hoping this not only encourages more people to visit our wonderful downtown, but also businesses to try something different or new,” Collins said. “We also hope there is some collaboration among businesses that could benefit the entire downtown as well.”

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