Easterseals Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy Creates a Powerful Partnership!

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Easterseals is meeting the needs of their community through their life-changing Children’s Therapies, including Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (ABA). Before ABA, five-year-old Efe Ozer, of Wilmington, DE, was unable to communicate his needs and rightfully so, became frustrated. His mom, Sel Ozer, was so grateful to find Easterseals services to give their family the tools they needed to help Efe.

“ABA is like magic! Before ABA Efe would just cry because he was unable to express his needs and interests. Now, he is using sentences to ask for things like water or to go outside. It was so difficult before and now it is so much better,” Sel says.

Easterseals ABA therapists provide therapy five times a week for one and a half hours per day. It has become part of Efe’s routine and has helped him make great progress. ABA has helped Efe communicate, respond to his own name, look at faces, and his play skills have flourished. The therapists are finding his interests and focusing on these to help him learn more easily.

“I am so glad we decided to start ABA. He is responding to it so well and connecting with the therapists. I am so happy about where he is right now,” Sel says. “We aren’t always able to understand our kids and ABA helps us understand their needs and help them. The therapy promotes independence for kids, which makes it easier for kids and for parents.”

Efe has two big changes coming up. Soon, he will be a big brother and a kindergartener. ABA is helping Efe be as prepared as possible for both life changes. He is learning communication skills for the new baby and learning skills for kindergarten.

“Easterseals therapists are like a team and like family. We communicate daily about how to support Efe. We define his goals together, so he is prepared,” Sel says. “Easterseals has done a great job!”

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy programs help increase language and communication skills; improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics by focusing on teaching new skills. Family education and support is also a critical component when working with very young children. Studies show, when ABA therapy starts before the age of two, the therapy is most impactful. 

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