Flag disposal boxes placed in Milford

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Jackson Caldwell constructed these flag disposal boxes to make it easier for people to dispose of flags that are no longer serviceable as an Eagle Scout project (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Jackson Caldwell recently earned his Eagle Scout honor with a unique project that he learned about from another scout. Caldwell knew that the American flag had strict disposal requirements, but many people were unaware how to get them to a location where they could be disposed of properly. That was how he came up with the idea to build special flag disposal boxes.

“I built mine after getting the idea from another scout who built them to put outside,” Caldwell said. “However, I adapted mine to be put at Tractor Supply and at Ace Hardware in Milford.”

The disposal bins are painted to resemble an American flag and have the Boy Scout fleur de lis displayed as well.

“The most challenging part of the project was figuring out how to paint and stencil the boxes to look like the American flag,” Caldwell said. “The most interesting part was hand painting the fleur de lis with my mom in our garage.”

According to the Department of Defense, the United States flag is considered a sacred symbol and the approved method for disposing of a flag that is no longer serviceable is to burn it. However, the flag should be burned in a dignified manner. For this reason, many military organizations like the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars hold special flag retirement ceremonies. The boxes provided by Caldwell will make it easier for the flags to be collected and retired appropriately. Many flag retirement ceremonies are held on Flag Day which is celebrated on June 14.

Caldwell was one of seven members of the Class of 2023 to earn Eagle Scout Honors.

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