FMC Corporation’s Kathleen Shelton to Keynote 185th Annual Dinner

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Monday, January 10, 2022, marks the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce’s 185th Annual Dinner. The State Chamber is pleased to announce Dr. Kathleen Shelton, vice president and chief technology officer of FMC Corporation, as this year’s distinguished keynote speaker. Dr. Shelton will take this opportunity to share FMC Corporation’s story of innovation with the business community.

As a leading agricultural sciences company, FMC is dedicated exclusively to crop protection chemistry and its delivery. With over 130 years of experience in agriculture, FMC is committed to responding to customers’ evolving needs with uniquely innovative active ingredients, formulations, and precision agriculture technologies that support sustainable agriculture around the world.

As the global leader of the FMC’s robust discovery and development pipelines, Dr. Shelton leads a R&D organization of nearly 800 scientists located around the world, with laboratories in India, Brazil, France, Denmark, and the United States. The largest site, located in Newark, Delaware, has over 400 employees working in chemistry, biology, regulatory sciences, engineering, and analytical science.

“I am honored to address Delaware’s vibrant and diverse business community at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce’s 185th Annual Dinner,” said Dr. Shelton. “Innovation is critical to help farmers feed an expanding world population, and I am excited to share how FMC’s Stine Research Center in Newark, Delaware, is playing a vital role in sustainable agriculture and food security.”

The Annual Dinner is the largest of the State Chamber’s annual events, drawing over 1,000 business leaders, dignitaries, and elected officials to the Chase Center on the Riverfront. The evening’s program will include the presentation of the Josiah Marvel Cup award in honor of the memory of Josiah Marvel, who reorganized and was the first president of the modern-day State Chamber. The State Chamber looks forward to bringing attendees together in person this year, including added features through the integration of their mobile event app which allows virtual attendees to also participate.

Registration for the 185th Annual Dinner can be found online here. For more information about the Annual Dinner, please contact Kelly Basile at [email protected] or (302) 576-6564.

The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting an economic climate that strengthens the competitiveness of Delaware businesses and benefits citizens of the state. Founded in 1837 as the Wilmington Board of Trade, the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce has a long history as the largest, most influential business organization in the state.

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