Goldey-Beacom College Announces Micro and Macro Graduate Certificate Programs

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Goldey-Beacom College (GBC) announced the addition of five micro graduate and three macro graduate certificate programs which brings the College’s total offering to 21 graduate certificate programs.

• Micro-Graduate Certificates: Five certificates, nine credits each
1. Graduate Analytical Business Skills
2. Graduate Certificate in Business Processes
3. Graduate Certificate in Financial & Economic Analysis
4. Graduate Certificate in Leadership
5. Graduate Certificate in Management

• Macro-Graduate certificates: Three certificates, 18 credits each
1. Graduate Business Leadership/Power Up Certificate
2. Graduate Traditional Business Administration Certificate (“Pocket MBA”)
3. Graduate Quantitative and Analytical Business Certificate

GBC President Colleen Perry Keith has recognized a consistent need for workforce training. “Workplace training needs are discussed in the media almost daily, and Goldey-Beacom has a 137-year history in meeting workforce training needs of employers in our region,” said Dr. Keith. She continued, “As we listen carefully to area employers about their needs, it made sense to create shorter-term programs to help meet employer needs. A full college degree is still of great value, but so are certificate programs. It all depends on what an individual needs in order to meet their career goals. Goldey-Beacom College was created for the purpose of providing training for area employers. What we are doing now is just a continuation of what we have always done – and done well.”

For enrollment, contact the GBC admissions office at 302-255-6248 or click here: Admissions & Aid – Goldey-Beacom College (

With President Keith’s previous experience as a former president of two colleges and her current involvement in the local community, she offers a viewpoint on what’s happening in higher education both nationally and regionally.

“I am involved in many organizations locally, regionally and nationally, and I learn at every turn about what workforce leaders are needing,” Dr. Keith expounded. “I get very excited to take notes at those meetings and bring that information back to the faculty and staff at GBC to consider and, if it fits our mission and vision, for them to act upon. We’ve made great strides in our program offerings as a result of careful listening to employers and others around us.”

GBC’s longstanding involvement with the business community is exemplified by the ongoing engagement and support of its Career and Employer Advisory Board that meets at least once per semester to talk about the challenges employers have and the curricular innovations the College is developing.

Dr. Joel Worden, recently appointed vice president for academic affairs and provost, said, “Goldey-Beacom focuses on preparing students for strong careers.” He continued, “We have seen a proliferation of short-term credentials from a variety of providers – both inside and outside of higher education.”

GBC’s current offering of stackable credentials will enable students to quickly gain much-needed industry skills. Dr. Worden added, “Over time, earning a combination of those certificates will stack into a full-fledged master’s degree.

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