Meredith Phillips-Woodard is TidalHealth’s 1st Quarter 2023 MacGyver Award Recipient

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TidalHealth is pleased to announce that Meredith Phillips-Woodard, LCSW, of Patient Care Management at TidalHealth Nanticoke has been named our 1st Quarter 2023 MacGyver Award recipient. This award recognizes TidalHealth social workers and licensed professional counselors who contribute a positive image to their profession.

Phillips-Woodard is respected not only by her peers but also by management and members of various departments throughout the hospital. She has years of experience, skills and wisdom as a social worker and case manager. She also served as Interim Manager of TidalHealth Nanticoke’s Case Management department and was a source of guidance, leadership and strength for all the case managers as they navigated through many changes and challenges during that time.

Phillips-Woodard is a valuable resource for information on state and community resources, behavioral health and coordination of services. She has been instrumental in helping new social workers reach their full potential by providing them with guidance and mentorship from the time they enter school until they acquire their licenses.

Phillips-Woodard has been generous with her time and talent in offering her services when patients needed a mental screening assessment. While TidalHealth had a contracted telepsychiatry service from Dover Behavioral Health, she would occasionally perform the mental screening assessment for providers to prevent any delays in care.

Phillips-Woodard has an outstanding work ethic and is always a rule follower. She exemplifies integrity not only by performing what is expected of her but by going above and beyond.

Please join us in congratulating Phillips-Woodard on this outstanding achievement.

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