Site plan for new Milford Police Department building

Police Facility Citizen Advisory Committee Members Named

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Site plan for new Milford Police Department building

Site plan for new Milford Police Department building

The City of Milford has announced the members of the Police Citizen Advisory Committee members named by Mayor Archie Campbell. This committee will oversee the design and construction costs of the new Milford Police Department building should voters approve the borrowing of up to $20 million in a bond referendum scheduled for January 26. The objective of the committee is to bring a project to council that will have the lowest cost possible while also meeting the needs of the community today and at least 25 years into the future. Although the committee will be required to meet monthly, it is possible they will need to meet more often.

Members of Ward 1 who will serve on the committee include Gloria Markowitz, a Milford resident, Nick Brannon, a high school teacher, Charlie Temparali, a former Philadelphia deputy police commissioner, and Vivian Erickson, an assistant at the Milford Public Library. Gary Downes, owner of a Milford business, and David Mills, a construction manager, both of Ward 2, will also serve. Dr. Jeanel Starling, a former principal with Milford School District and a pastor in Milford who lives in Ward 4, has also agreed to serve on the committee.

The City of Milford will hold a referendum on Jan. 26, asking the public to approve up to $20 million in bonds for the construction of the new police station. Whitfield explained that the city does not anticipate borrowing the full $20 million. They anticipate the cost of the building will be between $12.5 and $17.5 million.

Chief of Police Kenneth Brown invites anyone with questions or concerns about the new facility to contact him by calling 302-422-8081. Tours of the current facility may also be arranged in order for residents to see limitations in the building that prevent officers from safely performing their duties. Chief Brown stated that the new building would allow officers to provide a safer environment for both he police and the public while creating a hub for community policing and engagement. A new building is also necessary for the police department to meet national standards as well as prepare for future growth of the city.

Voting will take place on Jan. 26 from 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM in the Public Works facility at 180 Vickers Drive in the Milford Business Park off Airport Road. Absentee ballots must be mailed and received or deposited in the black mailbox located at the front door of City Hall by Jan. 26 to be counted. Anyone who wants an absentee ballot must call the City Clerk at 302-422-1111, extension 1303. Only residents who registered to vote with the City of Milford by Dec. 28, 2020, are eligible to vote in the referendum.

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