Saint Mark’s High School Welcomes 14 New Faculty Members

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While many schools across the country have been struggling to fill teaching positions, Saint Mark’s High School has been busy fielding applications and is pleased to welcome 14 new faculty members to the Spartan family.
The upsurge in staffing is primarily the result of the unprecedented growth in student enrollment at the school. Over the last four years, the student body has grown by more than 65%. This, in turn, has created a buzz in the local teaching community and has helped Saint Mark’s to attract new teachers.

“The immense interest in Saint Mark’s is exciting to witness,” said Rob DeMasi, Vice President of Enrollment. “As an authentic Catholic school, a Saint Mark’s High School education is in high demand, and it remains our priority to enroll students who truly believe in our vision and mission. Our high retention rates, complemented by the annual onboarding of transfer students – over 120+ students from 40+ different high schools – would not be attainable if it wasn’t for our administration’s exemplary leadership and commitment to hiring certified and exceptional faculty/staff.”

President Tom Fertal noted that teachers are “the ‘secret sauce’ in the success of Saint Mark’s. It takes passionate, competent, and yes, happy teachers to build and maintain a culture of excellence in a family-like environment. We continue to be blessed in attracting teachers to the family who fit this bill.”

Principal Steve DiGennaro is enthusiastic about welcoming so many new Spartans to the Saint Mark’s community. “As our enrollment continues to skyrocket, we have a responsibility to manage that growth efficiently and effectively. That means making sure we have the proper infrastructure in place to support our growing class sizes. We are thrilled to be expanding our faculty with so many outstanding teachers who are passionate about Catholic education and who are wholly dedicated to our students,” he said. “It’s going to be an amazing school year.”

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