Spectator Conduct Policy to be updated

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Last updated in 2006, Milford School District discussed updating their policy on Spectator Conduct at Sporting Events. Dr. Kevin Dickerson, Superintendent, felt that the policy was good, but the district needed to add language from the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA).

“We made it more concise. Also, legal counsel kind of strengthened the part where the trespass from school and notify law enforcement, if necessary, was the right set of consequences,” Dr. Jason Peel, Director of Human Resources and School Climate, said. “We also added, in regards to DIAA, that they are also able to investigate spectator actions and then also take some actions of their of their own through their sportsmanship committee.”

President Jason Miller stated that he and board member Kris Thompson volunteered to work on a Student Athlete Ethics policy. He felt that this would tie in nicely with that policy as well.

“Mr. (Nick) Brennan (Athletic Director) is in the process and actually has a really nice draft to start forming a committee,” Dr. Dickerson said. “So we’ve been discussing with him, reviewing some of the drafts. He’s been looking at different athletes, student athletic, athlete coaches manuals across the state, at their code of conduct, and we’d like to put a draft together and then have a committee review and discuss maybe you know what things were missing what things to revise those type of things. So Mr. Brennan isn’t really at this point in time ready to have something approved in the summer for the 2020 to 2023 school year.”

The policy update adds “vulgar, obscene or demeaning” verbal or physical conduct directed at spectators, participants, officials or sponsors as violations. It also includes the word “or events” which could cover non-athletic events. Spectators who violate the policy may be removed from the event and could be issued a notice of trespass. Law enforcement may be called should any spectator who disobey an official or the administration.

The section pertaining to DIAA allows the district to report violations to the organization who may then issue a reprimand, probation or suspension from attending future events.




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