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TJ Webb, a former Milford Police Officer who was shot in the line of duty, has written a book about his experiences

Saturday, December 23, TJ Webb, a former Senior Corporal with Milford Police Department, signed copies of his new book “Just One More” at Mispillion River Brewing in Milford. Webb, who was shot while serving a federal warrant in Rehoboth, has written the book to describe how that fateful night changed his life forever and to encourage others to fight through adversity.

“This book tells the story of how one man’s survival, success, failure, struggle, compromise, recovery and rebuilding has flourished into an entity of hope,” his book says on the back cover.

The book begins with the shooting, the thoughts that ran through Webb’s mind as he lay bleeding on the ground, wedged under a parked car. The book explains that he initially felt no pain, although he could feel and taste a bullet in his mouth, before he goes into what got him into law enforcement initially.

Webb medically retired in 2022, two years after the shooting after serving as a police officer for 19 years. During his career, he served in the Patrol Division, SWAT, Criminal Investigations Unit, Narcotics Unit, K9 Unit and the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force. He was awarded the U.S. Marshal’s Purple Heart, the national Police 181 Officers Hall of Fame Purple Heart, the Fraternal Order of Police Medal of Valor and The National Association of Police Officers TopCop Award.

Today, Webb runs a non-profit “Fit 4 Duty Foundation,” which encourages physical and mental health in law enforcement through CrossFit. He also travels the country telling his story to other first responders to help them deal with situations like his.

“From all accounts, TJ Webb should not have survived the murderous attack against him on December 10, 2020,” Steve Murphy writes in a forward for the book. “Most people would not have survived. But God said it wasn’t TJ’s day to die. TJ’s story is a “must-read,” one of facing danger and looking death in the face; a story of running towards the fight, not away from it; a story of risking his own life for the sake and safety of others; a story of dealing with the circumstances one finds themselves in and making the best of a bad situation; a story of perseverance, focus, dedication and especially motivation to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and get on with life.”

Webb himself credits others with his survival, including his wife Amanda and son Reese along with his parents and in-laws. In the acknowledgement in the book, Webb gives credit where he feels it should be.

“To the six, Mike, Kim, Josh, Niki, George and Rhonda, thank you for always being there,” Webb wrote. “We are truly a family that worked as a team to get through some of life’s toughest times. To all of my brothers and sisters in law enforcement who continue to fight evil every day, keep true to your Ethos and the ones fighting beside you. To all the medical staff that patched me up and the amazing physical therapist along the way, especially Sim, my physical therapist for nearly two years, thank you!”

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